On this page you'll find information and news regarding my involvement with the highly addictive hobby (obsession?) know as Flight Simulation. My choice of sims is:
Flight Simulator 2004 by Microsoft
My Flight Sim Resources Page
I also dabble a bit in repainting for my own use, and have put my basic process (including links to two essential files) into words:
My Paint Process (Updated 13-Jan-2007)
After a few requests, I've put together a little step-by-step tutorial for adding third-party scenery packages to FS9, so here 'tis:
Addon Scenery Tutorial
I've also been developing a few interesting flightplans, many for use with Transload Virtual Airlines. I've decided to put a few of them up on my web space. Some are just the *.pln format file for use with the default GPS, and a few also include the *.fsn files for use with FSNavigator. The files are zipped so that most computers won't have a problem downloading them.
Flightplans List