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Here is some home page information:

•Tom has felt equally blessed and grateful to read and try to write haiku and related forms for over a decade. He is a member of the Rt. 9 Haiku Group along with John Stevenson, Hilary Tann and Yu Chang. Twice a year they publish Dim Sum, a collection of their poems and those of a featured guest poet. Here is a link to the group web site:
Tom's first two chapbooks: Autumn Wind in the Cracks 1994 and Unraked Leaves 1995, both received third-place recognition in the Haiku Society of America’s Merit Book Awards for those years. He also published Standing Here, in 1998. These three chapbooks and his first collection of tanka, A Work of Love, 1995, are all out of print but posted here in their entirety. His latest collection is ‘being there’ ’2005 Swamp Press.
 Tom has a collection of haiku, senryu and tanka published by Snapshot Press entitled: Homework, detailing in poems the trials and tribulations of  family life.
   also published by Snapshot Press and available to order is a  tanka collection, "Growing Late"
 Tom views haiku as the essence of relation-ship to what is poetry and perspective.
 Here is further expression of his feelings for haiku:
"Haiku has consistently appealed to me as a means of centering, focusing,
sharing, and responding to this life and a world bent on excess. As the layers of my own life have accumulated, I’ve often felt overwhelmed by both
personal changes and the mass of news, information, and survival
requirements that come with being human. Haiku offer a way to honor and celebrate simple yet profound relationships, that can awaken in us, with a silent inner touch, spiritual relevance that adds meaning to our lives".
Tom is part of a group that features their tanka along with essays about writing tanka. This site also features wonderful guest poets and a meaningful gallery of tanka:
At this home page are samples of my writing; mostly haiku, senryu and tanka. Please click on the various links to see the contents of some of my earlier chapbooks and ordering information for more recent chapbooks that are still available. I began work on this site in December 2005 with encouragement and help of my friend, Doug Willmot.  It has become a repository for poems and links to personal interests that I hope may be of interest.

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