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Assorted  Senryu....  a sampling of some of my senryu .
( senryu are a cousin of haiku; similar in form, brief, often three lines and typically humorous, witty, satiric, ironic and insightfully focused on the human condition with all our funny foibles- or not so funny- being just who we are. )

"If it is man within the world, it is haiku. If it is the world within the man, it is senryu."  - Anita Virgil

New Year's eve ...
I enter into
the Twilight Zone
the universe
of my thoughts
most of his studying
out the window
knotty pine cabinet
above the toilet
two knots look back
before bed
my son's music louder
than mine
in her sleep
she steals back
her hand
on the wall
Jesus on the cross
above her side of the bed
breeding pairs
at the zoo-
with strollers
to start the day
her slipper sounds
too fast
police car-
my thoughts of what I've done
as they control
their dogs
after the pleasant part
of our walk
we hurry
dinner over-
he addresses
some crumbs
meeting her boyfriend
our handshake
out of synch
sneaking M & M's...
the crunching
in my ears
after the party
morning zazen:
marriage counseling
wanting my old life
when I wanted
my present life
lunch alone
without a book
I read my mind
child's play
so close
to screaming

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