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Growing Late- (2006) Snapshot Press
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Growing Late (2006)  Snapshot Press, UK

available through Snapshot Press:
ISBN  1-903543-13-4
US  $14.00    Canada  $17.00    UK f. 7.99
Growing Late- by Tom Clausen (2006)  edited by John Barlow
 taken from the back cover:
'Tom Clausen has taken the tanka form and given it his own voice. His poems are flags set at the boundaries of his person that guide the reader deeper into him or herself. Though his work is very personal, the honesty and validity of it applies his observations to all of us. He has courageously looked into his heart and found us all'    - Jane Reichhold, Editor, Lynx
'Tom Clausen has journeyed deep into the human mind and heart, the vagaries of which he brilliantly links to the cycles of the natural world. These are autumnal poems, filled with wistfulness and regret for time past. At the same time, however, Clausen finds comfort in the tiny wonders of daily life; a daddy-longlegs, bare feet, the scent of wood smoke, and his own chair. With deep modesty and generosity of spirit, he is "quietly recording" and "living all these/ middle-aged days." '
Pamela Miller Ness, Editor, Red Lights

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