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Dog Poems

  At the summit tree,
my exhausted dog lifts his leg
  a dry formality
- J.W. Hackett
the tethered dog
watches the guide dog
enter a deli
- John Stevenson
my dog's nose
to the ground
- Hilary Tann
  Whatever my dog
was chasing within his dream
  he is now sniffing!
- J.W. Hackett
one dog starts
them all
- Jim Kacian

  Suddenly thumping
the floor... a happy moment
  in my dog's dream
- J.W. Hackett
the three-year-old
making their big dog
- John Stevenson

  Going in circles
trying to make ends meet
  a frantic puppy
- J.W. Hackett
new puppy
all about
- Hilary Tann

  The puppy's wonder
tilts his head, first to one side
   and then the other
- J.W. Hackett
     the dog sits
in the bow of the canoe
    nose to the breeze
- Cor van den Heuvel


  Romping new puppy
sits down every so often
  and whimpers awhile
- J.W. Hackett
traffic jam
a plastic dog
keeps on nodding
 - Yu Chang
barks at me everyday
but just lately
he sounds lonely
- John Stevenson
91, they say
in human years-
my collie's bright eyes
 - Hilary Tann
the farmer's old dog
in the harvester
- Michael Dylan Welch
news of a missing dog
from pole to pole
 - Yu Chang
just arrived
their dog sniffs
our tires
 - Tom Clausen
invisible fence
no sign of the dog
-Hilary Tann


  Before he lies down
on the floor, the dog paws away
  centuries of leaves
- J.W. Hackett


  Puppy gives each yawn
vocal accompaniment
  to make sure its seen
- J.W. Hackett
snowed in
the dog clicks
from room to room
- Roberta Beary
distant thunder-
the dog's toenails click
against the linoleum
- Gary Hotham
the dog out-
the stars out
- Gary Hotham
day one
with the new puppy...
dog tired
  - Tom Clausen



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