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Cat related haiku, senryu and tanka as I find them... 

Looking out the window
   with my kitten
     during the night...
 - Louis Cuneo

  The house cat watches
the flitting sparrow, with a
   chattering hunger
-J.W. Hackett


  The door held for her
the cat stops on the threshold
  and sniffs the jamb...
-J.W. Hackett


  When finally caught,
the kitten's tail is given
  a real good licking
-J.W. Hackett


  While being scolded
the old cat licks his shoulder
  pretending not to hear...
-J.W. Hackett

  A moment ago
the kitten was full of life
  now how limp it lies
-J.W. Hackett


  The kitten's great yawn
goes all around the room...
   and back again
-J.W. Hackett

Right in the middle
  of the cat's yawn-
     a pink tongue
   - Arizona Zipper
In a circle of thaw
   the cat walks
     round and round
  - Virginia Brady Young
spring evening-
playing with the last kitten
to be given away
- Chuck Brickley
home late:
the cat's fur in patches
on her housecoat
- Michael Dudley
the shore
      the ship's cat
- Raymond Roseliep
only letting in the cat
the morning star
- Penny Harter
Opening its eyes
  closing its eyes
   a cat in the sun.
  Arizona Zipper
Following the smoke ring
    out the window
      the cat's eye
  - Arizona Zipper
After a hard rain,
   a cat stops to shake a paw
      before moving on.
  - Arizona Zipper

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