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Haiku Chapbooks ( 1) Autumn Wind in the Cracks (1994)
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Autumn Wind in the Cracks  ( 1994)  self published

empty parking lot

some wind collects and swirls

leaves into a shape




alone in the waiting room

checking the plant

for reality






in early morning rain

I return

a stranger’s solemn nod




everyday she waits

at the bus stop;

just to wait




rusted tracks

beside the freeway A man

with a burlap sack




under the pine tree

that he chose rain

at his grave




my father’s winter

coats still hang

in the closet




with friends

I open the fortune cookie

without a fortune



taking off my clothes

my heart





in another country

from a flatcar

the Milky Way




free spirits...

a year later

they return




sidewalk sale-

wind twists a lifetime

guarantee tag




x-ray room

they remove

her crucifix









morning zazen

marriage counseling





train receding

its wake in the grasses

still waving...




end to end

three Ramblers take part

in the overgrown field




farm auction-

fields filled with asters

and goldenrod




cold autumn wind

in all the cracks

eyes of barn cats




the tree that rubbed

the house noisily

burns in the fireplace



autumn moonlight

folded in

the clothes on the floor




meeting her boyfriend

our handshake

out of synch




sneaking M & M’s...

the crunching

in my ears




wanting my old life

when I wanted

my present life




cream in my coffee...

visiting from the next booth

a curious cockroach







in my lap the new kitten

I didn’t want




the hypnotist

describes her technique

sound of the stream





a duck waddles away

from the pond




after the party






early morning fog-

in the cereal bowl

the spoon clinks




in the prayer bowl

the silence

of dust



daybreak frost-

the sound of leaves falling

through leaves





for the lost cat...

wind chimes





giving back

each breath




the way

rain takes

the mountain




after zazen

the ride home

without the radio







one tree

one bird, one song

the dusk




sunrise frost-

under the maple one night’s scatter

of leaves