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Advanced Industrial Materials (AIM) produces ceramic whiskers, powders, and custom advanced materials such as composites and electronic materials. All products are prepared via hot pressing, heat treating, spray drying, sol-gel synthesis, and other processes. AIM provides materials engineering, systems engineering, modeling, and consulting services to high technology companies.

AIM's staff has broad technical and management experience with major corporations, small companies, universities, and government laboratories. We provide practical solutions for our customers using our knowledge of and experience in modern materials science and engineering.

AIM helps industry with advanced materials, ceramic whiskers, and engineering services. Please fill out the inquiry form and tell us how we can help to meet your needs. You can also use the form to request a quote on a specific product or service, or to ask to be notified when we update this web site.

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SERVICES: Materials Engineering & Development | Materials Processing & Testing | Advanced Industrial Methods

INDUSTRIES: Cutting Tools | Lightweight Materials | Materials for Electronics | Wear-Resistant Materials

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