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Cutting Tools

Silicon carbide whiskers are now used in composites for the cutting tool industry due to their wear-resistance. However, they do not effectively cut ferrous alloys because the silicon dissolves in the iron. Fortunately, AIM has developed a number of new transition metal carbide, nitride, and carbonitride whiskers, some of which show better stability against iron. More information is given in our description of AIM ceramic whiskers and a table of AIM whisker products and properties. Please use our inquiry form to tell us how we can help you to make improved cutting tools. We will work with you to produce the best whiskers for your cutting tool inserts.

Lightweight Materials

Materials for aerospace applications must be extremely lightweight and durable under difficult conditions. While light and strong materials are also desirable in the sports equipment and vehicle industries, these materials must also be cost-effective and producible in large scale. AIM produces ceramic whiskers, advanced structural ceramics, composites and polymer additives for lightweight yet strong materials. Our special whiskers, designed for specific applications, keep the cost down while boosting performance. The determination and the production of the right whiskers and the right composites for your products may require an engineering analysis and development effort. We want to make the best whiskers and materials for you at the best price. Our experience gets us to the solution fast. Please send us your inquiry using the form or by e-mail.

Materials for Electronics

The complexity of microelectronics integrated circuits continues to increase while the size of the products containing them diminishes. For this reason, AIM supports the electronics industry through making better electronic materials as well as by providing materials development, systems engineering, synthesis, processing, and testing services. For example, we carry out development projects to make materials with desired electrical and thermal properties. In addition, we measure electrical and thermal properties of materials using our test and measurement equipment.

Wear-Resistant Materials

Materials engineering meets challenges in many industries. For example, valves for use in gas and geothermal wells require materials that are resistant to corrosive and abrasive fluids, while in the new generation of cars, engine parts will be wear-resistant as well as light in weight. AIM's whiskers provide the reinforcement to make new composites wear-resistant yet lightweight, strong, and durable. We hot press materials into extremely flat plates with near-net shape, or use isostatic pressing for forming various other shapes. We also provide materials engineering consulting and development services.

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