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1. (Fr.) Tony Begonja
N91 W16610 Pershing Ave.
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051-2181 USA
I'm my own webmaster. This is a test.
April 22, 1997, 11:55 PM
2. Ms. Linda Thurman
N 130 W. Matthews Street (P.O. Box 1175)
Matthews, NC 28106-1175
Very impressive. Look forward to speaking with you soon.
Best Regards,
Linda Thurman
Thu, Oct 30, 1997 2:01 PM ET
3. Rev. Robert M. Gubala, II
Pawtucket, RI
Dear Fr. Tony,
... I also wanted to say what a nice job you have done with your site. Keep up the good work, you are a credit to your profession!!!
God Bless,
Sun, Nov 23, 1997 2:50 AM EDT
4. Will Pierce
11913 S. Red Cedar Circle
The Woodlands, Texas 77380 (not my own)
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God bless you as if he already hasn't 4 dachsunds Jesus follower! Cool! I'm 13 years old, and I'm incredibly happy to have found such a website! My dachsund lied on the floor here next to when oddly, I logged on to this glorious page.I have 1 dachsund,that starts wagging his tail whenever I get back here,which I have been to this really cool webpage 5 times. I love it! GOD BLESS YOU,SIR!
Sun, Nov 30, 1997 5:02 PM EDT
5. James Lee Shinkle
1601 Ingleside Ave
Sioux City, Iowa 51105
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Hi Father Tony. I was very pleased to run accross your web page and the ACCA web page. I am also involved with the Independent Catholic Movement and I am always filled with great joy when I learn about an Independent Catholic Church that I did not know exsisted before the time of its discovery, for myself.

Thank you for this web pages and always keep up the good work in God's Blessings. Thank you. James
Fri, Dec 19, 1997 1:54 AM EDT
6. Very Rev. Robert P. Dwyer
Interesting web site! I like your thought on using real bread for eucharistic celebration.

You do seem to keep busy!

Peace and all good things,
Very Rev. Robert P. Dwyer, Pastor
Friends Catholic Church Mission of St. Columba
Wed, Jan 7, 1998 9:13 AM EDT
7. Sandy Wedel
P.O. Box 923
Monarch, MT 59463-0923
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It's good to see you on the web. I am Fr. Tom Schmied's sister. Hi to Fr. Al Veik. I'm always very happy to see good, solid Catholic/Christian sites on the internet. God bless you and your ministries.
c. Jan 8, 1998
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