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Eucharistic Bread-Baking as Ministry

Eucharistic Bread-Baking As Ministry
From the Oven to the Altar:
Bread-Baking as Ministry

by Tony Begonja

If you would like to "do something," but are too shy to read or give Communion, here is a chance to use simple gifts -- baking and praying -- in your own kitchen. The result will deepen your spiritual life and enrich the congregation. This book contains recipes, tips for ingredients, and an interesting background section on the history of bread used in the Eucharist.

Publisher: Resource Publications, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1991
Price: $7.95US, 110 pp., illustrated, NOW OUT OF PRINT
ISBN: 0-89390-200-4
LCC#: 91-4084
TX769.B334, 641.5'66-dc20 (yes, "Cookbooks" !)


"I read Tony Begonja's book as a favor, and I came away as the one favored...I can hope for the day when the faithful bring their own bread to the altar to be blessed, broken and shared!"
Sr. Lea A. Hunter, D.Min., author

"Tony Begonja has provided a helpful, practical book that ... suggests that bread-baking can be properly understood as an important ministry within the Church."
Rev. Richard Reiser, Pastor, St. John's Church, Clearwater, Nebraska


In these "Ordinary" winter weeks pastoral musicians, liturgists, and clergy often direct their minds to preparing for Lent and the Triduum. So we look at one book on penance to stimulate Lenten thinking and another on eucharistic bread, as we look ahead to Holy Thursday.


Holy Thursday's focus on the eucharistic meal raises once again the issue of the bread used at the eucharist. Few parishes have had enduring success with developing a eucharistic bread that both looks like food (see GIRM # 283) and is limited to the Roman Catholic Church's current approved recipe: wheat flour and water. As a catechist once joked: "It's easier for kids to believe the host is the Body of Christ than it is for them to believe that it's bread!"

Eucharistic Bread-Baking As Ministry (Resource Publications, 1991, 110 pages, $7.95) by Tony Begonja provides both background information and recipes to assist parishes in providing "real bread" for the eucharist. The seven recipes (some of which have appeared before) including one using only flour and water and one from the Greek and Eastern Rite churches. Beyond the recipies, though, Begonja offers good practical information for parishioners willing to put their baking talents to work for the assembly. It's certainly worth a try this Holy Thursday, if not weekly.

Paul Covino is book review editor for Pastoral Music magazine, which is published by the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM).

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