Firewire on the SGI 320 Visual Workstation

OK, OK, I'm sorry I was sluggish to make this available (though my 3 day wait is better than the 2 year wait SGI put you through).

Here is the zip file with drivers. Best of luck. Please let me know if it is successful ... or not.

The upstanding Mauro Sanna is the only one who has returned any usefulness report to me. He loaded these files on his 320 with Windows 2000, and said it appears to be working fine. I believe now that I was wrong when I stated that the files may not even be needed for Windows 2000. My system must have simply migrated the drivers when I updated my OS from NT4.0.

We all must owe thanks to my distributor, Mr.Terry Ryan. He had received the files from the honorable Karl Kortkamp - SGI Channel Systems Engineer. Obviously these two supported me much better than the other players most of you had in your locale.

I think you just need to run the PhotoDV_SGI.exe file after you get this unzipped. Even if you have no device attached to the port, you may run the Digital Origin DV Tester.exe to see if there is recognition of the 'board'. The resulting window would look like this:

Please feel free to badger me further if things still aren't working. Good luck.

Please email me if you would like to say anything at all.

Tim Turley