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Proud Democrats
Precinct 537

Welcome to the Precinct 537 Web Site!

Our mission is to win elections for Democrats and Progressives
We'll do this by
- Contacting our Democratic, Green and Independent neighbors
- Holding social and organizing events to meet each other
- Recruiting volunteers and expanding our precinct team
- Offering voter registration information
- Providing access to information on the political process
- Supporting key Democratic candidates for office during election season through fund-raising and canvassing support
- Getting 95% turnout of registered Democrats in State and National elections.
"Democrats believe in fairness and opportunity. We believe in strong communities, great schools, investing in our future and leading the world by example." If this is what you believe, then join us!

Just voting is NO LONGER ENOUGH.

The radical elements that have taken over the Republican party

are trying to turn this country into something our founders would not recognize. The citizens who love this country and believe in

our founder’s vision of fairness, religious tolerance, and mutual responsibility must join together, support each other and speak out.


Join me and the other Democrats of this precinct. You are not alone in Sandia Heights. This precinct (#537) went 47% for Kerry in Nov 04, and has 353 registered Democrats. Join me and help organize the Democrats, Greens and Independents in this precinct, to help return some sanity and adult leadership to OUR country.


Call Tom Solomon, Democratic Precinct Chair of 537, and see what you can do to help.


Our current primary goal is to to elect AG Patricia Madrid in place of Heather Wilson, electing a Democrat to represent NM-01, and help to elect a Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives. 


We have a long way to go, and many hills to climb. Let’s get started now.

Tom Solomon (Precinct Chair, 537)
1512 Eagle Ridge Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87122

Phone: (505) 856-1244
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Democratic Party of Bernalillo County:
 Telephone - 505-256-1855

Contact Tom Solomon

  Let's preserve nature's beauty for our children's children

View from Precinct 537
Sandia Sundown, Sandia Heights

Please get in touch to volunteer to help.

Precinct 537 * Sandia Heights * Bernalillo County * New Mexico, USA