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Dungeon Craft Art Contest #1
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Contest Details

Contest Theme : PC Character combat icons

Genre : Fantasy

Target DC resolution : 640x480

Icon details :
-Each icon should be of the standard DC icon size for the default 640x480 resolution, that being 48x48 pixels (96x48 for the complete ready/attack poses)
- up to 24-bit color max.
- Should be submitted as png format. If you cannot convert the icon to png yourself, send it in whatever format you did the art in and I can convert it for you.

Contest categories - Each contestant can submit entries in the following categories :
- PC Human (any class)
- PC Elf (any class)
- PC Dwarf (any class)
- PC Gnome (any class)
- PC Halfling (any class)

Other bits :
-All the artwork submitted to the contest will be bundled together and offered in a single package for anyone who wants to download and use any/all of the artwork submitted, even after the contest has ended. I can host it for the time being.

Contest Rules

1) All artwork must be original, no copyrighted or otherwise plagiarized material will be allowed. Use of prohibited materials will result in all your submissions being forfeit for the contest. If you have created artwork prior to the opening of this contest, please feel free to submit it as long as it meets the afore mentioned originality requirements.

2) All artwork must be freely available to anyone who wants it.

3) All artwork submitted must be tested before being submitted to verify it works. If an icon is found not to display properly, only that icon will be excluded from the contest.

3) Each contestant can submit up to 4 entries in each category. That means you can submit 4 Human icons, 4 Elf, 4 Dwarf, etc. up to a maximum of 20 icons. But no more than 4 per category. The icons can be of any class you want. If you want to submit 4 clerics or 4 fighters, that is fine.

4) Submission can be made up until 9am, CST of December 12th, 2004.

5) After the gallery is created, the community can start voting until 9pm, CST of December 24th, 2004.

6) Once the voting is done, the results will be tabulated and sent to CocoaSpud.

7) When the results are verified, the top 2 entries in each category(10 total) will be bundled with the next release of DC, as well as the artist's names being added to the DC credits.

Submission Information

When submitting your entries, please zip all your files together in 1 package, and include a submission.txt file with the following information :

1) Your name. (pseudonyms are fine here too, if you prefer that)
2) Your e-mail address.
3) Entry #1 - <Category name>
4) Filename of entry.
5) Entry description (optional)
6) Entry #2 - <Category name>
..and so on for all your entries.

Once you have it all bundled up in the zip file, please submit the entry (no later than 9pm CST, November 18th, 2004) to :


For those of you who are curious or looking for inspiration, here is what is currently packaged with Dungeon Craft today and select samples from our first 2 submitters!





Now get out there and get going on those icons! Good luck to everyone!