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Upcoming Designs
Dephalt - Adventure to a town under siege by evil. Can you free the people from their torment? Or will you be doomed to share in their fate? Coming soon!

To Catch a Theif - Lead your party through the town of Dysteri. Unravel the secrets surrounding the condemned town hall and a long-dead thief. This is a conversion of an OLD FRUA module that I thought was kind of fun. I am finished with the conversion, and have started alpha testing. Due to some of the current bugs in the engine, I will likely not release the mod into beta until the next update to Dungeon Craft. Stay tuned!
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Dungeon Craft Art Contest(s)

The second great Dungeon Craft art contest has begun! This new contest is for all the major media types used in creating your designs. It's Big! It's going to be beautiful!

Click here for the details!

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Dungeon Craft Tools/Utilities

Dungeon Craft Character Editor - Ever wanted to create the perfect super character (i.e. all 18 attribs), but don't want to wait around for the engine to luckily roll 18s? Well now you won't have to!

*** 08/28/05 - New! Version 0.20 released!

click here to download the DC Character Editor

Dungeon Craft is an open source project, designed to re-create the old SSI product, Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures. Get it here-->DC Homepage