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The Big Bar is a cozy East Village Bar were you can go to escape the cares of the world. Lounge out in the intimate atmosphere. Enjoy a cocktail to tunes ranging from funk to trip hop to lounge or anything in between depending on the bartender's mood. Remember 21 and over, only.

We are located at 75 East 7th Street in the East Village in New York City.

We open daily at 6 PM, usually until 2 AM.

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Sonia behind the bar


Brian on the Scooter

Sonia and Kelly preparing for the party

Kelly on the scooter

The Big Bar Crew

Walter in the Park

Peter and Walter

Sonia and Walter

Walter in profile

Josephine's Smashing Cocktails

Wolfram's return

Phil is buying shots!

Walter takes a break with the gang.

Sonia behind the bar

Leave your hat on

Meet the Boss

Halloween Hostesses

Fooling around on Halloween

Scandinavian Invasion

Tamika's Birthday Party

Behind the bar

Behind the bar again

Still behind the bar

Once more behind the bar

Tamika's Birthday Party redux

Airplane Night

Goofing off in front of the Big Bar

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