Missouri Union of Longbike EnthusiastS

Missouri:  mostly, although Illinoians are welcome.

Longbikes: mostly.

Enthusiasts: definitely.

Union, now thatís where we have a problem. Nobody wants to make a commitment these days.

Thanks to Amy Jorgenson for providing the photos from the HorseyHundred. She said it was a great ride with lots of tandems. See the pictures on the HorseyHundred page.

Special Offer for the Mules from

10% off on parts and accessories with free shipping.

On bikes they will include $100 in accessories, free shipping and no sales tax on mail order purchases.

Special Notice:  Stephan Giggar, a blind person, is looking for captains.  He has bikes, a trailer to haul them, but doesnít have a driver.  He can be contacted at  See the contact info page for details on his bikes.

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