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My Favorite Things


My name is David. I am eight years old. I learn at home and my favorite subjects are reading and nature study. Mommy will try to update my page often so come back soon! Check out my science project on bubbles!

!NEW! Quote of the Month: "Dividing by 1 is like adding 0!"

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Things I Like to Do

OI love Legos because I like building things. I can build spaceships with Lego Star Wars.

OMy favorite TV show is Dora the Explorer on Nickelodeon because I want to learn Spanish! Bonkers is silly cop cat. I like Sonic the Hedgehog too because he wears funny costumes to hide from the villain Rubonic.

OI like to watch Amazing Animals videos because Henry the lizard always gets his reports wrong. My favorites are Birds of Prey, Poisonous Animals and Animal Weapons.


Magic School Bus Spins a Web
Tales from Shakespeare
Nature's Children
Encyclopedia of Animal Kingdom
Wild Life Explorer


Legoland in California
El Salvador
Florissant Fossil Monument
Great Lakes


My First Amazing Dictionary
I Love Math!
Lego Loco
3D Movie Maker
Disney's Magic Artist

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My Oral Narrations

!NEW! Abert Squirrels
(Nature Study)

OAbert squirrels are black, but they can be gray, red or bown. They don't have stripes like least chipmunks. If you are closer to an abert squirrel, the ears are like ovals. If you are far away, they're tirangles. The scientist at the monument didn't call them black squirrels; he called them abert squirrels.

OAbert squirrels are friendly. They could eat out of someone's hand. They look for sticks in the winter and eat parts of it. They eat seeds from bird feeders. They pick up bird seeds with their hands. Squirrels like seeds. We always leave bird seeds at our house for animals. The squirrels can really jump high up at the bird feeder and bird baths because they are thirsty and hungry.

OAbert squirrels live in Colorado. They live up in trees like gray squirrels and red squirrels. They live in the top of ponderosa pine trees, but not quaking aspens. They build nests in trees. A nest is what they make with small sticks, like eagles. Then, when the baby abert squirrels are born, they live in the nests.

OIf there was a hawk or an eagle catching an abert squirrel, they will get away. They climb up trees when they see dogs. The willhide in the ponderosa pine. Whever they see birds of prey or pets, they say "whoop-whoop-whoop." But, the ground squirrels, the golden-mantled squirrels and the richardson squirrels hide in their holes. The red and gray squirrels hide in trees. The red and gray squirrels are cousins of the abert squirrel. The golden-mantled squirrels' cousins are the richardson squirrels.


!NEW! Sir Walter Raleigh(Book of Centuries)

OSir Walter was Sir Humphrey's brother. He was sad about his dead brother. Queen Elizabeth liked Sir Walter so much she told him not to go on dangerous trips. He only went on safe trips. Some people wanted to go to Roanoke Island, so Sir Walter gave them boats, food and guns.

OThe English called the place "Wingandacoe" which the Indians said was the name. It means "What fine clothes you have!" Then they changed the name to Virginia. The Indians in Roanoke were friendly but took a silver cup. They thought it was okay to borrow things. The English burned their corn fields.

OJohn White was an an artist and governor of Virginia. He made maps too. He had a granddaughter named Virginia. John went back to England to get some food. His granddaughter and other English went away and left the island.

OWhen John White returned to Roanoke, he blew the trumpet. There was no answer. He sang songs, but there was no answer. He never found his granddaughter.

OQueen Elizabeth died because she was old. The new king didn't like Sir Walter and put him in prison in a tower. The king killed people he didn't like. He choppped off Sir Walter's head. They threw his head in the trash.


!NEW! Infante Felipe Prósperoby Diego Velázquez
(Picture Study)

OPrince Felipe wore three golden bells so people could see where his is. If he didn’t have bells, maybe he could go to the forest and get eaten. He is wearing a red and white dress. He is 5 years old. I’m going to call the dog Snowbell because he is all white. The dog is sitting on a purple chair with brown legs. The room has a yellow carpet, black walls and curtains. There is a brown table with a pillow which matches the dog’s chair.


Creative Writing (Oral Narration)
!NEW! My Camera by David Glaser

OCameras are made in a factory and you buy them in a store. If you don't have a camera, you can't make memories. There are many kinds of cameras. You use a single-use camer one time. Then you return it to a store for film processing when the film runs out. If you want to take more pictures, you have to buy another camera. But, you don't need to buy film because it's already in the camera.

OYou can keep a 35 millimeter camera all the time until it gets old. You need to buy 35 millimeter film. Don't buy the wrong film because it won't fit in your camera. To load 35 millimeter film, you have to wrap a little bit of film on the roller. You should push the holes of the film on the teeth. If you don't, the film won't turn. I loaded 35 millimeter film and it was easy!

OHere's how to take a picture. Check the number, which tells you how many pictures are done. Open the lens cover and wait for the flash. The flash is ready when the light turns red. The flash is a light bulb. Look through the view finder and snap a picture. You shouldn't wiggle or go too close or the picture will look blurry. If it doesn't work, your batteries might be dead. Batteries make your camera work.

OWhen you snap a picture, the shutter opens. The shutter keeps the film dark. The shutter is like your eyelid: when it opens, you can see. The lens is like your eyeball. The picture is really upside down on your film.

OThe hardest thing to do is to hold still when you take pictures. Pressing the button is easy. I like loading the film and taking pictures that are not blurry. I plan to do photo stories about animals:
Mule deer in my yard,
Chipmunks sitting on sticks,
My dogs Loa and Pepper and
Abert squirrels and chickarees at my neighbor's house.

OMy long-term goal is to make real movies. But, right now, I need to learn these goals:
Learn to use a tool called a camera,
Tell others about cameras,
Share photographs with others and
Take pictures of wild life.

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Charlotte Mason Homeschooling
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