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          James "Kibo" Parry

    We can... think of electronic prose as moving back toward the world of oral rhetoric, where gestural symmetries were permitted and sound was omnipresent. Any prose text, by the very nature of the denial/expression tensions that create and animate it, oscillates back and forth between literate self-denial and oral permissiveness, but electronic text does so much more self-consciously, simply by the volatile nature of the written surface. A volatile surface invites us to intensify rather than subdue this oscillation, make it more rather than less self-conscious.

                                            -- Richard Lanham, "The Electronic Word"

    My involvement with Kibology began in 1997 when I happened across Matt McIrvin's page. There were a few posts he had written to alt.religion.kibology, which he soft-sold as "hopefully funny." I read them I couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the day. Matt McIrvin and Kibo- the group's namesake- are perhaps the funniest writers I've ever encountered. These are archives of posts I've written over the years, and I hope you enjoy them. Go to Kibo's site to learn how to read a.r.k.