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European Lynx-Draco
Bobcat-Rufus and Canadian Lynx- Biggie
Siberian Lynx-Tess
Canadian Lynx-Phoebe
African Caracal-Missy
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WALK ON THE WILDSIDE Exotic Feline Rescue

Bobbie wild born bobcat


Precious one of our newest members
Precious & Nabacha came to us in Sept. 2004

                                      Welcome to our nonprofit site!

We are dedicated to the exotic feline, providing a safe and permanent home for the uprooted and neglected. A home where they can live out their lives in peace until they pass from this earth. We are a small rescue dealing in quality care, not quantity. We will not take on more than we can handle this is a promise to all the cats here. They will get the love and attention they deserve, unlike places that take on more than they can handle and the animals pay the price because they have far to many cats to care for and they do not get the individual attention and love they deserve each day.  We pride ourselves on what we can do for these cats, not what can this cat do for us. 

                                                    THEY NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!        

In September of 2004 we added new members to Walk on the Wildside, Precious & Nabacha, two young female cougars. They needed a new home and once again we said yes. Since then another has joined us here, her name is Baby and she has become the resident clown, full of energy and always wanting attention.


Draco upon arrival, very thin.
Backbone and ribs were visable, stomach sunken in, severley underweight.

 Learn about our
mission, working with the reserve in Ecaudor , Playa de Oro Reserva de Tigillos, a 25,000-acre rainforest reserve, created for the protection of margays,ocelots, and oncillas. Join us and become a part of the endeavor to preserve the species. Join a group and tour first hand the pristene rainforest of Ecuador,stay at the reserve and be a part of the ongoing work there.  Learn  about this and more Touch the Jungle website.

Click here to learn about; Playa de Oro Reserve, Ecuador

We will continue our work with your help. With your support and donations we can continue to build cages and habitats for more Exotic Feline. With your support we can provide proper medical care and new homes for those in need.
The destruction of natural habit grows everyday, man continues to pilage the forests and the rainforests, and threatens the very exsistence of so many creatures that depend on these places to exsist. A species that is threatened is only one step away from endangered, the next step is EXTINCT!! ......EXTINCTION IS FOREVER, once they are gone they will never be again.
"When the last individual of a race of living things breathes no more, another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again."W.Beebe.

Draco, Euorpean Lynx & Tess, Siberian Lynx
The happy couple enjoy the shade

Draco today enjoying misters above him.
Our nonprofit is dedicated to saving the exotic feline of the world, and giving the abused and uprooted a permanent safe home, and to educate the public about the wonders of these cats.
Missy greets Thao with kisses.
Missy is an African Caracal who's never met a human she doesn't like.

With laws changing every day more and more sanctuaries are turning away rescues. They have no room for more. The need for more sanctuaries grows each day with changing laws. The animals pay the price, they loose their home and security, uprooted and now in need of being relocated. Our goal is to educate the public and the law-makers before more are uprooted and loose their secure homes.

Please help us continue caring for the cats by making a donation. Become a part of our rescue through your donations. The cats are counting on your help. Please give so they can  live. EXTINCTION....IS FOREVER.

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