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Billy Blog (Ketchup Chips mischief)

Goal: Inundate Billy with Ketchup Chips

A coworker, Billy, wanted Ketchup flavored potato chips. They aren't sold around here, but Seagen (another cowork) and I still managed to bury Billy's bench in the QA lab with as many packages of assorted Ketchup flavored snacks as we could find, almost 200 packages.

Inventory of snacks:
- Chuck E. Cheese's Tangy Madness (19)
- Johnny Rapp's "Hot n'Spicy" Baked Fries (1)
- Uncle Ray's Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips (12)
- Herr's Heinz Ketchup flavored potato chips (12)
- Old Dutch Ketchup flavored potato chips (40)
- Wachusett Ketchup chips (36)
- Montreal UFO possibly tomato flavored (1)
- Quaker Ketchup Mini Rice Cakes (2)
- Humpty Dumpty Ketchup Potato Chips (4)
- Lay's Ketchup simulated flavor Potato Chips (8)
- Pik-Nik Ketchup flavored Fries (24)
- Old Dutch in Boxes (4)
- Pringles Ketchup (9)

TOTAL: 172

Here's Billy investigating all the chips...
Billy squinting at piles of Ketcup flavored snacks
...that's Billy at left. (Me at right.)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's beginning!
I'm getting ready to dump the entire pile on Billy's bench on Friday.

On Monday I left one bag of Lay's chips at his desk. On Tuesday he got two packages of Chuck E. Cheese Ketchup Fries. Today he got three cans of Pik-Nik Ketchup Fries. On Thursday he'll find four small bags of Old Dutch.

And I finally got some cans of Pringles Ketchup flavored chips today!! That brings the grand total to an astonishing 172 packages (plus a few assorted oddball items like "Roasted Chicken" potato chips).
9:24 pm pdt

Friday, June 23, 2006

Critical Mass!
Today's shipment of 24 cans of Pik-Nik Ketchup flavored Fries brings the total to over 150 packages of Ketchup-flavored snacks.

So on Monday I will begin slowly unveiling the brands...starting with 1 bag of Ketchup flavored Lay's Potato Chips.
8:05 pm pdt

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shipment arrived from "Canada Only"
I finally got the shipment I ordered from the "Canada Only" online store several weeks ago. This is a particularly important acquisition because it includes Lay's potato chips, the brand I want to start off with when we prank Billy with all the chips.

The shipment also included Humpty Dumpty potato chips and bizarre-sounding Quaker Minis, which are ketchup-flavored rice cakes.

Still waiting for Pringles and Pik-Nik...
10:52 pm pdt

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

What is a Montreal UFO?
I found a Chinese snack called "UFO" under the Montreal brand. I'm not sure it's really ketchup flavored, but it has a picture of tomatoes and Seagen says that's close enough. It's all written in chinese, so it might be tomato plant fertilizer for all I can tell!

Also no word from Pik-Nik in California, from whom I ordered Ketchup Fries by mail. They have limited arrangements for consumer sales, so I don't really expect instant results. But they promise to email upon shipping, so I hope to hear something sooner or later!
11:13 pm pdt

Monday, May 29, 2006

More Chuck E. Cheese chips from Dollar Tree
I grabbed a few more bags of Chuck E. Cheese chips at the Dollar Tree today, and noticed they're almost sold out of the Ketchup flavor. That's a surprise; they had shelves of them last week so somebody (besides me) must be buying Ketchup flavored snacks.

The man who rang them up appeared to be rather stoned, possibly a hiring requirement for male employees at Dollar Tree. Each exhibits slurred speech, certain motor impairments, and a zombie-like gaze from bloodshot eyes. In contrast, Dollar Tree's female employees are ordinary humans.

I actually miss Lloyd Center's J.J. Newberry store, which seemed upscale compared to the Dollar Tree that replaced it. Willamette Week prophetically predicted this in a 2001 editorial J.J. Newberry: A EULOGY
12:31 am pdt

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Wachusett Ketchup (artificially flavored) Potato Chips
It seems I'm entering the home stretch with the arrival of 36 bags of Wachusett Ketchup chips this afternoon, bringing my total inventory to 111 packages. The mailman called my attention to damage that had occurred during shipping, but the packages of chips were perfectly unharmed.

But even though I've got over a hundred packages, I don't want to spring them on Billy until I've got two critical brands: Lay's and Pringles. I've ordered Lay's from the "Canada Only" online store, whereas I could only find Pringles on eBay. (The eBay seller was very nice, so I have high hopes.)

FYI: Canada Only's website is http://www.canadaonly.ca/
Their shipping rates are a bit treacherous, but they offer a lot of uniquely Canadian snacks in their Canuck Marketplace.
12:25 am pdt

Friday, May 26, 2006

Old Dutch chips are here
I just got 40 small bags of Old Dutch Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips. The bags are only 43 grams apieces (about 1-5/8 oz) but there are a lot of them. As of now, we're up to 75 packages and still gathering more!
7:57 pm pdt

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Herr's Chips, Heinz Ketchup Flavor
Another day, another dozen.

I just received 12 bags of Heinz Ketchup flavored potato chips from Herr's store at http://www.herrsstore.com/potatochips.html

The description poetically explains how Heinz Ketchup is thick and rich, but the ingredients show the seasoning has little in common with authentic Heinz Ketchup. That's probably just as well.
10:39 pm pdt

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Uncle Ray's Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips
From Wisconsin I just got a twelve bags of Uncle Ray's potato chips. The bags are a big considering they only contain 4 oz apiece. The preprinted price tag is $1.49, but each bag has a bright orange sticker that says "99 SEE STORY ON BACK!"

Indeed there is a story on the back of the bag, but it doesn't have anything to do with the price. It's chapter 29 of Uncle Ray telling his life story. Is that how they get repeat sales? Just imagine some old lady nagging her grocer, "I want chapter 45! Where's the Sour Cream n' Onion flavor?"
7:31 pm pdt

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Found Johnny Rapp's Baked Fries at Big Lots
The bag of Johnny Rapp's Baked Fries is labeled "Hot & Spicy." I can't tell if it's really ketchup flavored, but it's certainly ketchup-colored so I acquired a bag for Billy's collection. We'll see how it works out.
10:33 pm pdt

Monday, May 22, 2006

Found Chuck E. Cheese potato fries!
On a hunch, I went into the Dollar Tree store at Lloyd Center and searched the snacks section. I found a rather bizarre line of Chuck E. Cheese potato fries products in four flavors: potato, cheese, pizza, and tangy ketchup.

I bought six bags, but I might go back for more. At a dollar apiece, they're cheaper than a lot of other snacks I've been finding.
8:26 pm pdt

2006.06.01 | 2006.05.01

I'll post a picture of each type of Ketchup Snack as inventory grows until we have enough to bury Billy's lab bench under a mountain of Ketchup-flavored snacks...

The results:
Ketchup flavored snacks piled on chair, floor, etc
There were bags, boxes, and tins of ketchup flavored snacks all over Billy's lab bench!

Other views:

Closer view of ketchup chips on bench
Ketchup ketchup everywhere, nor any drop to drink (blech!)

Closer view showing details of some packages

View from a different angle

A typical bag of Ketchup flavored chips
Lay's Simulated Ketchup Flavor Potato Chips
Lay's Simulated Ketchup Flavor Potato Chips