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 All dvd's consist of material shot on video tape from the mid 80's into the early 2000's.   All are in color and have sound.  A range of different video equipment was used, starting with early portable VHS, followed by Hi8, and currently digital.  The tapes made in the 80's now comprise what could be considered vintage video.  The rest in the 90's and 00's is of more contemporary railroading.  I like steam and prefer chasing it, but diesels and traction are also photographed whenever and where ever there is the opportunity.  Also notice that I don't just photograph American railroads, but do shoot overseas railroad operations.
 All dvd.s are at least an hour long or longer.  If there is any narration it is provided before the action begins or over the titles.  I do not narrate over the railroad sounds.  Prices for the dvd's are: $25.00 ea. for single disc programs. Order two or more and the price goes down to $20.00 each. Two disc sets, marked (*), are $40.00 ea. All prices include first-class postage and packaging in the U.S.  Illinois residents please add 10% for sales taxes. 

Overseas Steam

                              * 2-disc Set


                          * 2-disc Set


                            * 2-disc Set




                            * 2-disc Set


            * 2-disc Set




                * 2-disc Set


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*TW36 and TW37 WINTER PLANDAMPF '95 (DAYS 1 and 2) (2-disc set) by Jack Wheelihan and John Szwajkart  2-disc set $40.00  You may have heard of the German Plandampf's but never seen one, this is your opportunity to experience one. The railroad is paid to substitute preserved steam for diesel. One or more lines are selected and participants are provided with schedules of the operations. What you do is up to you, you can ride, chase or go to a spot and watch trains. On this first day you will see start-up operations, and the change into all steam running where passenger and freight trains are powered by 4-6-2, 2-8-2, 2-10-0, and 2-10-2T locomotives.  Day two continues with different locomotives are on different trains. Steam (a 4-6-2, 2-8-2, two different 2-10-0's and a 2-10-2T) is seen on both passenger and freight trains and in pusher service. Lots of neat action with two and three cylinder steam locomotives. 2-disc set $40.00 

*TW38 and TW39 WINTER PLANDAMPF '95 (DAYS 3 and 4) (2-disc set) by Jack Wheelihan and John Szwajkart  The Plandampf is over, but there is more steam to see while in Germany. It is off to the Hartz Mountains and all steam powered Hartz Mountain Railway. All day is spent on the line and it is not what you would expect for a meter-gauge railway in the middle of nowhere. It turns out to be a heavily used tourist line with lots of trains and the bonus is great scenery with steam in winter. Standard power is 2-10-2T's on all passenger trains and they are found all over the system, which is covered in this tape. Day 4 we look at two three-quarter meter gauge lines that serve suburban communities around Dresden. The locomotives are small but they too put on a show equal to that of the full sized railways and these too are quite busy rail lines in spite of their small size. Since shooting them both lines have had major reductions in service.  2-disc set $40.00 
*TW46 and TW47 WINTER PLANDAMPF '98 (Parts 1 and 2) (2-disc set) by John Szwajkart  (Part 1) (So this was what it was like)  Another Plandampf, this time on a different branchline, one serving a potash facility. Steam powered freight trains with up to three locomotives, all 2-10-0's, working hard, plus steam powered passenger trains recreate the days when steam ruled German rails. This is an in depth introduction to heavy freights using two and three cylinder 2-10-0's in mountainous country on a busy branch line.  (Part 2) (It's easy to get used to this) Another day of double and triple headed potash freights on the same German branchline, plus steam powered passenger trains. Two and three cylinder 2-10-0's power the potash trains and a 2-8-2 pulls the passenger train. Although it is a branch line, the trains still run fast and though the chasing is rough it is very rewarding with great results. 2-disc set $40.00 

TW48 - WINTER PLANDAMPF '98 (Part 3) (Back to reality) by John Szwajkart The last day of the Plandampf has more steam powered freights and passenger trains along with the addition of a steam powered fantrip. This is followed for the rest of the day and into the next, as it uses four different steam locomotives. This all concludes with a look at current rail operations at Frankfurt Station. Single disc $25.00

*TW54 and TW55 WINTER PLANDAMPF '00 (Parts 1 and 2) (2-disc set) by John Szwajkart   This dvd begins the day before the regular Plandampf. In it you get a chance to see current German railroad operations. The next day we are around to see the steam locomotives move into place for the Plandampf. This includes a chase of a double-headed steam freight to Arnstadt and concludes with a look at the activities at the roundhouse that evening. Part 2 covers days two and three with a super mix of steam powered (2 and 3-cylinder 2-10-0's, a 2-8-2, and a 2-6-2) passenger and freight trains in a variety of winter weather ranging from snow storms to bright sunshine.  2-disc set $40.00 

*TW56 Part 1 and 2 - POLISH STEAM by John Szwajkart (2-disc set) After Plandampf '00 was over, a side trip was made to Poland to see steam operations there. This is no Polish Joke, as steam can be found hauling passengers and freight on a regular basis, albeit only out of a single steam terminal, Wolstein. Wolstein is maintained as an operating museum. Part 1 covers the first day and a half with a look at the museum and freight and passenger trains powered with either a 2-6-2, or a 2-8-2. Part 2 covers balance of the three day trip. A 2-8-2 on a local passenger trains is followed as it runs between Poznan and Wolstein. On the last day, a 2-10-0 is captured switching its' train at Wolstein. Then the local is chased out of town in a snow storm and is followed as it delivers and picks up freight cars and returns to Wolstein. Winter railroading with steam, what better way to conclude an overseas adventure. 2-disc set $40.00 

TW62 - AN INTRODUCTION TO CHINA RAIL by John Szwajkart China Rail is a mix of cultures. Operations are left handed, British style, yet everything else appears American. It is a mix of what is unusual with what is familiar. This introductory look at railroad operations in China is an attempt to explain why Chinese railroads and especially steam, is attracting the attention and enthusiasm of railfans throughout the world. This dvd will answer many questions that may come up with the use of Chinese Steam in the U.S. Single disc $25.00 

*TW63 CHINESE STEAM IN THE STATES Parts 1 & 2 by Bill Raia and John Szwajkart (2-disc set) This two dvd set is a part of the forthcoming Chinese Steam Collection, but since all the video was shot in the U.S.A., this is also listed in this section. Disc #1 covers some of the SY and JS class 2-8-2's in tourist line use on the Knox & Kane and Boone & Scenic Valley Railroads. Also included at the end of this disc are shots of the QJ's in operation on the IAIS. Disc #2 covers three days with the QJ 2-10-2's as they pull both passenger and freight trains on the IAIS in September, 2006. Also includes a day of tripple-headed steam with the two QJ's and Milw 261. A great introduction to Chinese Steam for those who did not have a chance to see the locomotives in China. 2-disc set $40.00

Overseas Diesel and Electric

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               * 2-disc Set


               * 2-disc Set


               * 2-disc Set




TW23 - RAILROADS DOWN UNDER by John Szwajkart  A mix of slides and video provide a look at the railroads and streetcar systems  in Australia and New Zealsnd.  We begin at Sydney and then catch Rush Hour on the Harbor Bridge. Next we stop at Melbourn for a look at the VR and at parts of the famous Melbourne streetcar system.  A last stop is made at Hobart to look at the narrow gauge system and then it is on to New Zealand.  Here we get a chance to see some NZR trains on the South Island.  Then on the North Island, we see steam at the Glenbrook Railway Museum, a privately owned NZR 4-8-4 in excursion service, and concludes with diesels on the NZR.  Single disc $25.00. 

TW36 - SCANDINAVIAN RAILWAYS by John Szwajkart  A mix of slides and video are used to describe the railways in the Scandinavian countries. You will see electric and diesel trains in Denmark, streetcars in Finland, and steam and electric operations in Norway and Sweden below the Arctic Circle and above it.  Single disc $25.00. 

TW70 TRACTION TODAY Vol. 4 Streetcars in Holland and Belgium by John Szwajkart. Where other places were replacing streetcar systems with busses, the Netherlands and Belgium were not only keeping them, but were constantly improving them. The lines are all heavily used as you will see. The cars are a mix of PCC and later designs in single and articulated configurations. To see these, is to see the future. Amsterdam, Roterdam, Antwerp, Brussels and others are all included in this single dvd. Single disc $25.00

TW71 THE NETHERLANDS RAILWAYS by John Szwajkart. The NS, the Netherlands Railway, is primarily a passenger carrier with trains to just about any town in the country. Service even on branches is frequent with trains on a one or two hour basis. Most of the trains use emu's but there are still plenty of locomotive powered trains. On this dvd nearly all varieties of emu's are seen at Amsterdam Station along with a bunch of locomotive powered trains including some of the latest Thalys and Belgian trains. Also there is a look at several different branchline trains with their locomotive powered trains or emu's. This is interesting railroading totally different from anything we have in the States. Single disc $25.00 

TW72 THE BELGIAN RAILWAYS by John Szwajkart. Like the Netherlands the Belgian Railway reaches just about every town. Most of the system is electrified, with a few diesels filling in and pulling trains on the few non-electrified lines remaining. Passenger services predominate using emu's and locomotive powered trains. In this dvd we look at operations at the main stations at Antwerp, Brussels and Bruge. Each is different, with Brussels providing the greatest variety. Here just about every type of emu can be seen along with different locomotive powered trains, international and also within the country. Besides this you will get to see just about all the high-speed trains that run in Europe, the German ICE's. French TGV's, the international Thalys, and the British Eurostars. Antwerp with its local trains and Bruge with its tourist traffic, though different, are equally interesting. Single disc $25.00 

*TW75 - TRACTION TODAY Vol. 5. by John Szwajkart (2-disc set) This two disc dvd set examines current electric operations in Europe. Part one covers mainline electric operations in Germany and Austria, including close up looks at the German ICE's. Part two covers streetcar operations in Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. 2-disc set $40.00

*TW77 - TRACTION TODAY Vol. 7. by John Szwajkart (2-disc set) This two disc dvd set examines current electric operations in Eastern Europe, namely Romania, Serbia, and Hungary. Part one looks at streetcar operations in Bucharest, Romania and mainline trains on the CFR. Included on part 1 are shots of Belgrade, Serbia streetcars in rush hour service. Part 2 continues this examination of Belgrade streetcars at another location. Then it is on to Budapest, Hungary for a ride and look at streetcar lines in and outside the city. Included is a look at one of the emu powered HEV lines that serve the suburban areas. 2-disc set $40.00 

*TW78 - TRACTION TODAY Vol. 8. by John Szwajkart (2-disc set) This two disc dvd set continues our look at electric operations in Eastern Europe, this time Prague, Czech Republic. Part one covers streetcar operations through a typical weekday, from the morning rush, through the day and into the evening rush. Part two examines the contrast between modern streetcars and older cars as they run through the narrow twisting streets of the old inner City. Also included on each disc are shots of the Prague Subways. 2-disc set $40.00

TW82 - IRISH RAILROADS by John Szwajkart  Using a mix of slides and video, this dvd provides a comparison of railroad operations in the Republic of Ireland between 1995 and 2010.   We begin in England with a look at the BR, which is used to reach Ireland.  Our look at Ireland begins at Dublin where the DART and LUAS, local rapid and streetcar lines, are examined along with early IE trains and stations.  Then we head west to  look at museums and the IE at Galway, Killarney, Cork and Wexford.  Single disc $25.00

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