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 All dvd's consist of material shot on video tape from the mid 80's into the early 2000's.   All are in color and have sound.  A range of different video equipment was used, starting with early portable VHS, followed by Hi8, and currently digital.  The tapes made in the 80's now comprise what could be considered vintage video.  The rest in the 90's and 00's is of more contemporary railroading.  I like steam and prefer chasing it, but diesels and traction are also photographed whenever and where ever there is the opportunity.  Also notice that I don't just photograph American railroads, but do shoot overseas railroad operations.
 All dvd.s are at least an hour long or longer.  If there is any narration it is provided before the action begins or over the titles.  I do not narrate over the railroad sounds.  Prices for the dvd's are: $25.00 ea. for single disc programs. Order two or more and the price goes down to $20.00 each. Two disc sets, marked (*), are $40.00 ea. All prices include first-class postage and packaging in the U.S.  Illinois residents please add 10% for sales taxes. 

TW1 - N&W 1218 FIRST RUN


              * 2-disc Set




                  * 2-disc Set


              * 2-disc Set




                 * 2-disc Set


                      Part 1


                       Part 2




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TW1 - N&W 1218 FIRST RUN EAST TO ROANOKE by John Szwajkart follows N&W 1218 on its initial break-in trip from Birmingham to Roanoke, It is a three day event over the former Southern mainline from Birmingham to Atlanta, Salisbury and Lynchburg. There N&W "Home" raila are reached and the train heads over Blue Ridge to Roanoke. A few days later the 1218 makes three inaugural fantrips out of Roanoke. The first is a trip to Bluefield through a rain soaked and flooded right of way. The next day, bright and sunny, two short trips are made east to Lynchburg and west to Walton. Single disc $25.00 

*TW10 - EXTRA 1218 NORTH TO CHICAGO by John Szwajkart (2-disc set) During its career N&W 2-6-6-4 1218 made a number of trips to Chicago and several of them are included in this two disc set. Disc 1 covers a ferry run from Portsmouth, OH as the 1218 and its train run north over former N&W and PRR lines to Bellevue, OH. Then the train goes west on the former NKP to Fort Wayne, IN and after an overnight stop continues on to Chicago. The trip has its surprises and one noteworthy event does take place after departure from Bellevue. Since it is a surprise, I cannot tell you what. Disc 2 contains chases of the Chicago to Ft. Wayne fantrips of '88, '90 and '91 on it. The dvd ends with the departure of the train from the Chicago area. 2-disc set $40.00

TW14 - EXTRA SLSF 1522 NORTH by John Szwajkart One of the earliest runs by SLSF 4-8-2 1522 was a series of fantrips on the WC between Fond du Lac and Chicago. To get there the 1522 had to run over the C&NW and the WC. Each ferry run included a bunch of freight cars.  To provide a different perspective, only the freight runs are included (other producers have the passenger runs). We start with the run over the C&NW from South Pekin to Chicago and follow with the freight runs over the WC both to and from Fond du Lac. Single disc $25.00 

*TW17 - N&W 611 AND NKP 587 DOUBLEHEAD by John Szwajkart (2-disc set) Is a four day chase with N&W 611 and NKP 587 on the NRHS "Independence Limited" of 1989. The chase begins at Fostoria, OH, goes to Fort Wayne, IN on the NKP, and heads south over the NKP to Muncie and New Castle, IN. Then it is over the former PRR from Indianapolis, to  Cincinnati, OH. The train then goes east over the N&W to Portsmouth and on through the mountains to Salem, VA. Disc 1 covers days 1 and 2 on the NKP, PRR and N&W, while disc 2 covers days 3 and 4 on the N&W. 2-disc set $40.00 

*TW19 - ON THE ROAD WITH 1385 by John Szwajkart (2-disc set) Covers a number of the off-museum trips made by Mid-Continent's C&NW 4-6-0 1385. This begins with a trip on the C&NW mainline to Clinton with a special train. Next it is to WI for some slow, near zero running, west out of Mazomanie, later some faster running north to Saulk City and finally more winter running between Broadhead and Monroe. The dvd has plenty of great action plus a cab ride. 2-disc set $40.00 

TW26 - STEAM ON THE SANTA FE IN ILLINOIS by John Steenwyk and John Szwajkart This dvd looks at two different steam runs on the Santa Fe in Illinois. It begins with the only run of AT&SF 3751 through Illinois from Fort Madison to Chicago and back with an employee appreciation special. This is a two day event, one day is overcast and rainy, as the train runs east and the second day is clear and sunny with the train heading west. The pace is fast and 3751 provides an exciting and merry chase. The second part covers more employee specials powered by Milwaukee Road 261. The trains are seen around Joliet and then it is followed west from Streator to Galesburg. Single disc $25.00 

*TW27 - CLINCHFIELD 676 AND THE SANTA CLAUS TRAIN by John Szwajkart and others (2-disc set) In this one time event, UP 4-6-6-4 3985 is cosmetically disguised as a Clinchfield Challenger #676 to pull the 50th anniversary Santa Claus train over the CRR. The locomotive and train are caught shortly after the conversion and followed for nearly a week over the C&O and the CRR. The run south to Kingsport and Santa Claus train are covered on the first disc. The second disc follows an additional employee special and the return north back to Huntington on the last day. More material is included following the restored 3985 as it returns west across KY, IN and IL. 2-disc set $40.00

TW29 - THE 1993 INDEPENDENCE LIMITED IN THE APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS by John Szwajkart Covers a four day chase of the NRHS Independence Limited, powered by four different steam locomotives. This dvd covers the first two days while the train goes through the Applachian Mountains. On day 1 the train leaves Knoxville, with TVRM's SOU 4501. Using former SOU mainline and branch line trackage the train heads northeast to Frisco where NS trackage rights on the CSX (Clinchfield) are used to reach the N&W at St. Paul, VA. The train continues north on the N&W to Richlands where N&W 611 waits. Early the next day N&W 611 takes the train north to Iager, and then makes a fast run over the N&W mainline to Portsmouth, OH. The balance of this trip is covered on TW30. Single disk is $25.00. 

TW30 - THE 1993 INDEPENDENCE LIMITED ACROSS THE FLATLANDS by John Szwajkart Picks up where TW29 ends, on Day 3 as 611 takes the train north out of Portsmouth, OH over the N&W line to Columbus, OH. It continues north over the former PRR to Bellevue, OH, where the train turns and goes west over the former NKP mainline to Fort Wayne, IN. On Day 4 a new set of steam locomotives take over, NKP 2-8-2 587 and NKP 2-8-4 765. N&W 611 remains behind as the doubleheaded train goes west over the NKP, to Chicago. Additional doubleheaded steam, action from the convention, is on TW31. Single disk is $25.00. 

TW31 NKP 587 and 765 DOUBLEHEAD by John Szwajkart.  Never released before, this covers the main event of the '93 NRHS convention in Chicago, the doublheaded special on the NKP with NKP, 587 and 765. The train is followed in the worst possible weather to Argos and back to Chicago. A few days later the two locomotives are used to take the train back to Fort Wayne in much better weather. Only a few chasers and an unscheduled stop made for a great one way run. A bonus section includes a look at two other convention events. Single disk is $25.00. 


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