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 All dvd's consist of material shot on video tape from the mid 80's into the early 2000's.   All are in color and have sound.  A range of different video equipment was used, starting with early portable VHS, followed by Hi8, and currently digital.  The tapes made in the 80's now comprise what could be considered vintage video.  The rest in the 90's and 00's is of more contemporary railroading.  I like steam and prefer chasing it, but diesels and traction are also photographed whenever and where ever there is the opportunity.  Also notice that I don't just photograph American railroads, but do shoot overseas railroad operations.
 All dvd.s are at least an hour long or longer.  If there is any narration it is provided before the action begins or over the titles.  I do not narrate over the railroad sounds.  Prices for the dvd's are: $25.00 ea. for single disc programs. Order two or more and the price goes down to $20.00 each. Two disc sets, marked (*), are $40.00 ea. All prices include first-class postage and packaging in the U.S.  Illinois residents please add 10% for sales taxes. 


TW33 - SLSF 1522




TW43 - C&O 2816 ON THE TP&W


TW50 - SOO 2719


TW51 - GTW 4070 ON THE CV


TW60 - SOO 1003


                   * 2-disc Set


TW69 - MILW 261 AND CP 2816






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TW32 - MILWAUKEE ROAD 261 by John Steenwyk and John Szwajkart This restored locomotive's first main line fan-trip was over the WC between Fond du Lac and Stevens Point in 1993. We follow the train from Fond du Lac, through the street running in Oshkosh, into Neenah and on to Stevens Point. Included is a side trip, west to Junction City, where the train and locomotive are turned. We then follow the train back south.  Included are opportunities to see early operations on the WC with both painted and unpainted diesels. Single disc $25.00

TW33 - SLSF 1522 by Jack Wheelihan and John Szwajkart This is a two day chase of SLSF 1522 as it runs on the SLSF mainline to Memphis. It is an interesting two day chase as we follow the locomotive over the hilly  SLSF (BN) mainline from St. Louis to Springfield on day 1, and from Springfield to Memphis on day 2. Single disc $25.00 

TW34 - MORE MILWAUKEE ROAD 261 by John Steenwyk and John Szwajkart.   On this dvd we follow Milw 261 on two fan trips over the WC between Chicago and Fond du Lac.  We begin with a ferry run from Fond du Lac to Chicago.  Then two round trip fantrips from Chicago north are chased on two different days. Single disc $25.00 

TW43 - C&O 2816 on the TP&W by John Steenwyk, John Szwajkart and Jack Wheelihan Covers the only mainline runs made by this locomotive. Rebuilt at Fort Wayne in the mid 90's, the locomotive was sent to the TP&W for testing. Initially the locomotive broke-in with a freight train on the TP&W. Then it was used for two days on passenger runs out of Logansport with a TP&W F unit providing power for the backup moves. The contrast in weather for the two days adds to the interest of this tape. Saturday was a day of clear sky and bright sun, Sunday was just the opposite, cloudy and rain. Unused for a time after this, the locomotive returned to static display at KRM, its' owner. Single disc $25.00 

TW50 - SOO 2719 - The Second time Around by John Szwajkart After powering the last steam fantrip on the Soo in 1959 (See C6), this locomotive was put on display. Restored in the 90's it ran primarily in northern WI and for a short time regularly between Chippewa Falls and Wheeler on the WC. This is a record of two days of these trips, plus shots of WC freights and a cameo appearance of Soo 1003. Single disc $25.00 

TW51 - GTW 4070 On The Cuyahoga Valley Line by John Szwajkart Begins with a look at the early diesel operations on this former B&O branch line, now part of a National Park. Then concentrates on GTW 2-8-2 4070, now out of service, when it originally powered the train. It all begins with departure of the empty train from the "flats" and after it is loaded, we follow it all the way to Akron. On the return trip an extra stop is made for a movie run-by, and ends with the empty train returning to the "flats". Single disc $25.00

TW60 - SOO 1003 by John Szwajkart This is a look at the second Soo steam locomotive to be restored, as it pulls a fantrip special between Waukesha and Stoughton over a twisty and scenic former Milw branchline now part of the W&S. This former freight locomotive proves it too can handle passenger trains. Single disc $25.00 

TW63 CHINESE STEAM IN THE STATES Parts 1 & 2 by Bill Raia and John Szwajkart (2-disc set)  Disc #1 covers some of the SY and JS class 2-8-2's in tourist line use on the Knox & Kane and Boone & Scenic Valley Railroads. Also included at the end of this disc are shots of the QJ's in operation on the IAIS. Disc #2 covers three days with the QJ 2-10-2's as they pull both passenger and freight trains on the IAIS in September, 2006. Also includes a day of tripple-headed steam with the two QJ's and Milw 261. A great introduction to Chinese Steam for those who did not have a chance to see the locomotives in China. 2-disc set $40.00

TW69 - MILWAUKEE 261 AND CP 2816 by John Szwajkart Covers chases of the CP 4-6-4 2816 north of Chicago and Milw 261 into the Chicago area. Then covers some of the Great Excursion events in which 261 and 2816 participated, including a double headed run along the Mississippi River. Single disc $25.00


TW73 NKP 587 Last Run for a While. By John Szwajkart On Nov 2 2002 NKP 2-8-2 587 completed its final trips for the Noblesville Museum and entered the Museum shops for extensive rebuilding. It is expected to be out of service for quite a long time. Thus this dvd of the last trip and also to record some of the other memorable trips made by the locomotive, such as the State Fair Runs, and other special runs including a special freight run. Single disc $25.00

TW80 - Steam and Diesel at MONTICELLO By John Szwajkart Using a mix of slides and videos, provides a look at the changes that have taken place at this Central Illinois Museum over the last few years.  We start with early steam and diesel operations, including the restored Wabash F unit and the initial NKP 587 runs.   Major portion of this dvd looks at the Museum's latest steam locomotive, Southern 2-8-0 401 as it makes its' first runs after major rebuilding.  Single disc $25.00

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