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Vintage 8's by Charlie Felstead and Bruce Meyer
Both of these gentlemen were well known for their black and white photography.  Yet each dabbled with 8mm movies mainly of steam before it disappeared.  I acquired their collections and have converted them to dvd. Here they are for your pleasure.
These are transfers from 8mm movies shot mainly in the mid 50's and into the early 60's. All are in color, but there is no sound. Some of the tapes have narration, but this is limited to introductory material before the movies. There is no music accompanying the movies, however I have included the sound of a movie projector as background noise. Steam in regular service normal day to day operations are featured. Also included are fantrip runs by now gone steam locomotives. An occasional diesel does appear, and most that appear can now be considered as rare as the steam locomotives they replaced.  The reproduction is as good a possible from such a small medium, but the action and authenticity provided makes up for any loss in sharpness.
   Most of the dvd's are about an hour long, and some are longer .  Where the originals are much longer than an hour, two disc sets have been made. Prices are; Single disc programs are $25.00 each; Two or more single disc programs can be purchased for $20.00 each; Two-disc sets, marked (*), are $40.00 each.  Prices include postage in the U.S.  Illinois residents should include 10% to cover state sales tax  
Charles Felstead's 8mm Movies 





                 * 2-Disc Set






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CF1 - THE CHICAGO COLLECTION includes steam on the NYC (4-6-4's and 4-8-4's), B&O (4-6-2's, 2-8-2's and 4-8-2's), NKP (2-8-4's), and GTW (4-8-4's and 2-8-2's) in regular service on Chicago's south side. Also included is some C&NW and CB&Q steam plus a little bit of experimental b&w material. All this complements the matrial in #B3. Single disc $25.00 

CF2 - COAL ROADS OF IL AND MO is a collection of IC, NYC, and NKP, steam in Central IL around the Mattoon area. In addition there is steam on the C&IM from Pekin to Springfield and some CB&Q steam around Centralia. In MO, on the B&S, 2-6-0's work coal trains between the mine and the CB&Q interchange. Bonus material includes shots by John Szwajkart, of one of the two CB&Q 2-8-2's which replaced the 2-6-0's on coal trains. An added extra is C&IM footage shot around Springfield, IL just before the road dieselized. Single disc $25.00 

*CF3 - IRON RANGE COLLECTION (2-disc set) This two disc set is an incredible collection of steam taken in northern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin. Beginning with a look at the DM&IR that shows just about every different type of DM&IR steam locomotive, it goes on to include lots of GN and NP steam in the area. There is also plenty of SOO, C&NW, CMO and Milw steam around the Twin Cities and in northern Wisconsin. Disc #1 covers the early 50's. Disc #2 covers the late 50's and concludes with several unusual steam trips to and on the Iron Roads. A bonus section contains movies shot around Virginia and the first fantrip to and on the DM&IR in 1958. 2-disc set $40.00 

CF5 - EASTERN COLLECTION. Charlie and his friends made a bunch of trips east into Canada and the U.S. east coast in the mid-50's. Their first trips took them into southern Ontario where they caught CP and CN steam in mainline and branch service, along with chasing a NYC 4-6-0. In the following years they managed to catch steam on the NKP, NYC and B&O in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, along with PRR steam in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other east coast locations. Each time they went east, they also managed to get into Canada for more CN and CP steam and eventually were able to snag one of the elusive CP 4-4-0's. Also included are shots of ATSF steam in Ohio, PRR steam on horseshoe curve,and a CNJ camelback locomotive on a last fantrip. Single disc $25.00
CF7 - MEXICAN COLLECTION With mainline steam gone in the U.S. attention turned in the early 60's to the remaining steam in Mexico. Charlie made three trips. The original plan was to shoot steam purchased from U.S. railroads, FEC, N&S, C&NW, NKP and others, long gone from the States, yet still operating in Mexico. Most of this was centered around Mexico City, operating on the Mexican Railway's mainline north out of the city. They managed to get what they wanted along with plenty of Mexican steam including 4-8-4's, 4-6-4's, 2-6-6-2's, and others. On the first trip they also got to cover parts of the steam powered Mexican narrow gauge. On later trips they managed cover more of the Mexican Railway system including the electrified line, and Yucatan, where they chased a 4-4-0 powered mixed. Although new diesels were being delivered, Charlie managed to capture a wide range of different steam locomotives in mainline passenger, freight and local service, before it was gone. Single disc $25.00 

Bruce Meyer's 8mm Movies 



BM1 - MOVIES BY BRUCE MEYER Is divided into two parts, one all steam and the other a combination of diesel and electric, andcollection covers the transition era in which diesel replaced steam. Bruce, as a service rep and an engineer for EMD, was involved with these changes as he placed new diesels in service.  Primarily a b&w photographer, he occasionally tried other forms of photography, including movies. We begin with steam, the DM&IR Yellowstones, in regular operation, followed by a look at the last steam on the K&T, M&A, and D&RGW narrow gauge. Later he shot SOU 4501 and N&W 611 both in fantrip service. The diesel part starts with local railroads, IC and GM&O, followed by shots of the D&RGW, WP and AT&SF all taken while on the road for EMD. This ends with a look at the Milwaukee Road Electric operations, the C&NW, BN and Amtrak diesels in the Chicago area. Single disc $25.00




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