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textib - Tibetan package for TeX

This is a preprocessor, that takes transliterated input using a modified Wylie system, and outputs stuff that TeX (or LaTeX) can understand. Also included is a metafont (actually split into 3 files).

I started with latextibetan, fixed various bugs, and took the pk font files and built metafont files (scalable) using the GNU fontutils (I've had to update this somewhat, my updates are available ...).

Last release (on CTAN):

Latest version, rewrite, in development, with new font:

Some examples

Apparently a yahoo search for "latex sanscrit" takes people here. So if that's why you're here you need to look at Devanagari for TeX developed by Frans J. Velthuis. You can get this from ctan (tex archives). A place to start is

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