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Below is a starter set of sites you may find interesting. There are more to be added in lower subjects in the future. Please send your comments to suggest additional sites you have found or problems with any of those listed.

USAFSS 1960's and 1970's

6990th Century Club (rc-135 back-enders and more)
Includes lists of crewmembers with 100 missions and lots of other stuff.
"THE CENTURY CLUB STORY... Back in the late 1960's, in the days when Doyle E. Larson was the commander of the 6990ESG, there was a young (relatively speaking) dogger former MA) named Red Haire. Apparently, the young Sgt Haire was a dedicated crewdog with a vast amount of experience in EC-47s and RC-135s. One day, he presented to Lt Col Larson a letter requesting 6990ESG sponsorship of a club comprised of those crewdogs with 100 or more operational sorties. This club would meet on Friday afternoons at the NCO club for a few beers."
EC-47 History Site
The motherlode of pictures, documents and links regarding EC-47 Operations.
"A History of the EC-47's Mission in SEA, with the 360th, 361st, 362nd TEWS and the 6994th SS, 1966-1974."
J.C. Wheeler has also recently written a book: EC-47 Book Cover
6924th Security Squadron Danang AB, Vietnam
"Congratulations!! You found the home page for the 6924th Security Squadron (USAFSS), Danang, Vietnam and other locations. For the proud veterans of the 6924th, we hope we can preserve some of the history of the unit and help reunite some of the squadron members. We also want to be the focal point for your written experiences, yep, war stories."
Silent Warriors
Former USAFSS fliers from the 50's and 60's.
"This Web Site is Dedicated to the "PROP WASH GANG"
Class 6N-71
DLISW Class 6N-71 Maintaineb by Rick Francona
"U.S. Air Force Detachment Defense Language Institute (Southwest) Biggs Field, Ft Bliss, Texas March - November 1971"
Class 02VN47B2469
DLISW 02VN47K2169 1970 Maintained by Bob Milligan
"3345th Technical School, Detachment 2 Biggs Field, Fort Bliss, Texas Class 02VN47B2469"
6927th Radio Squadron Mobile Onna Point, Okinawa
Many of us shot the .38 in the habu grass here.
"This page is dedicated to the hundreds of airmen, non-commissioned officers and officers who served with the 6927th Radio Squadron Mobile; a component of the 6922nd Radio Group Mobile of the 6902nd Security Wing, United States Air Force Security Service at Onna Point, Okinawa. The squadron was established sometime in 1953 and was officially deactivated on March 15, 1971."
The Cobra Den
6922nd Security Wing Clark AB. P.I. visited during typhoons.
"What is The Cobra Den? The Cobra Den was a bar/den/hangout on the 1st floor of the barracks of the the 6922nd Security Wing/Group, U.S. Air Force Security Service,USAFSS, located at Clark AFB, Republic of the Philippines, circa 1960's-1970's."
6922nd Security Squadron
"The 6922 Electronic Security Squadron (ESS) was established in 1951. It was located on Clark Air Base, Republic of the Philippines, until the eruption of Mount Pinatubo forced the United States presence in the Philippines to cease in 1991. A brief history can be found at this link."
The Bat Page
6988th Security Squadron Yokota, Japan
"This is a Web Site for members of USAFSS's Voice Intercept mission in the 50s and 60s: 201s, 203s, 291s, 292s and others in USAFSS in the 50s and early 60s. Dash twos and dash nines from Yale - Dash ones, Dash Es and others from Monterey and Syracuse and Indiana and DLI - related specialities. In the 6988th at Yokota in Japan, the flight crews were called, "Bats," but not all units used that term."
Silent Warriors of East Asia
6929th/6988th/6903rd Osan AB, Korea
"This site is dedicated to all USAF Security Service (USAFSS) Korean Linguists who proudly served in the hostile skies of East Asia during the "Silent War" (1952-1983). It was called the Silent War because all information regarding these activities during the Cold War was classified Top Secret until September 1997.We operated under combat conditions and were routinely targeted to be shot down. The reconnaissance aircraft which we flew in were RC-47's, EC-121's, RC-130's, CT-29A's & RC-135's."
6987TH SG, Shulinkou AS, Taipei, Taiwan
"This web site is dedicated to all former military assigned to Shulinkou Air Station, Taipei, Taiwan. The base was under the command of the United States Air Force Security Service (USAFSS). The "listening post" was active from its opening in 1955 until its closing in 1977. A short period of time, lasting twenty two years. Shulinkou's military mission was of a classified nature; however, we essentially intercepted, transcribed, decoded, analyzed, and reported to higher authority on targeted foreign military radio communications within Asia."
FTVA Freedom Through Vigilance Association
USAFSS Alumni Group
"The Freedom Through Vigilance Association is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to the support and perpetuation of the objectives of the US Air Force and USAF Security Service and its successor Commands, and to the support of social, educational, and humanitarian services."
Torii Station
ex-ASA'er John Ambrose's extensive site on Torii and Okinawa topics. The Koza and Virtual Torii Station photos from the early 70's are must sees.
Yahoo Groups
There are a number of USAFSS related Yahoo groups that may be worth joining.
You have to get a Yahoo ID first and in some cases request membership.
"Renew acquaintances, meet a new friend or just remember the good times from your days with USAFSS. There's nobody else like us, thank Gawd!"

"Current and former USAFSS/ESC/AFIC/AIA members who flew as part of their duties. Members of other services assigned to the above noted commands may also be admitted to membership."

"Defense Language Institute - Open discussion about DLIFLC "


Other USAF Viet Nam Era and Related Viet Nam War Sites

TLC Brotherhood
Those who served in, around and over Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Lots of pictures of Udorn, Korat, and NKP.
"The Brotherhood stretched from across Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. We were civilians, military (all branches of service). We were pilots, mechanics, cooks, navigators, weathermen, drivers, security police, and more. We were on or over the front line, and we were the support personnel who made it possible."
55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing Association
RC-135 front-end crew units. Be sure to visit the write-ups on Vietnam action.
"To take advantage of that, the RC-135Ms were moved from Japan, as the 82nd Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, and assigned to the 4252SW at Kadena (Okinawa) with increased tasking against the conflict in Vietnam. That tasking grew heavier and heavier until the RC-135Ms were flying a daily mission in the Gulf of Tonkin (twelve hours on station). With the emphasis shifting so drastically from the SinoSoviet mission to the Vietnamese conflict, the operations name was changed from "Burning Candy" to "Combat Apple". That SIGINT (signal intelligence) platform was making such significant contributions to the SEA intelligence effort that it was soon tasked to provide 24 hour-a-day coverage. "
Lockheed EC-121
Comprehensive coverage of all variations and uses of 121's including those at Korat where many 6990th ops spent TDY's.
"The 552nd distinguished its self over seas during the Viet Nam conflict, earning several AFOUAs. The outfit overseas was first known as Big Eye, then College Eye. They were flying out of Viet Nam then Thailand (southern operating location) and Itasuki AB (northern operating location). The main operating location was in Taiwan. Later they flew out of Kwanju Korea. While deployed oversea the EC-121s carried Security Service personnel and equipment"

Present USAF


Reconnaissance Aircraft, RC's, EC's, U's and Q's

RECCE 135's
Don Earlywine's extensive collection of all models of RC-135's including separate model pages such as the RC-135M and those before and after. Lots of pictures and tail numbers.

Other Intelligence




Viet Nam

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