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    • Safe Travel and Good Times To
      Attendees of Combat Apple 40th Reunion
      Omaha September 11-13, 2007

    • Combat Apple 35th Reunion 2002

    •  Frye,Ware,Hagland,Ruseckas  Dom & Rocky  Mills,Rocky,Rollins,Cavanaugh
    This is the place for ex-USAFSS 203 voice intercept operators, Vietnamese and Chinese linguists, other operators and analysts to connect with former classmates, roommates, crewmembers, operators and buddies from their days in Viet Nam and Southeast Asia. All served long tours, TDY's, and thousands of hours on position in the air and on the ground. What they did and how they did it matters and made a difference. Visit often, spread the word and contribute to the content. Check It Out !!
    • Hog on steroids, see the latest incarnation with new engines and more good old 139. Start with the index.

      RC-135R RC-135M 139
    • Best intentions don't keep websites updated. I may transition this to a blog. The guestbook gets some new stuff, keep checking the Guestbook page.
    • Combat Apple Crewmembers from December 1968. Closeups

      Combat Apple Crew 12/68