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The Blood Type Database

Tomoyo got a new video camera...

Note from Ted: I was tired at this point and decided to let Tomoyo design this page. In retrospect this may have been a mistake. Or maybe not. Just get used to pink.

Sakura: You may have wondered at one point why all of us have bloodtypes.

Tomoyo: In Japan your blood type is said to determine your overall personality. Sakura-chan and I are both type A.

Sakura: If you want a basic idea on what all the bloodtypes mean the webmasters put up some notes here.

Tomoyo: So far they've put up the blood types for the characters from Kenshin, Gundam Wing, Final Fantasy VI, VII and VIII, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, Evangelion, Magic Knight Rayearth and my personal work Card Captor Sakura!

Tomoyo: Ah! I almost forgot. The webmasters wanted everyone who knew blood types of anime/manga characters to send them that info. Just send the characters name, the series they're from and their blood type here. They also said something about how they would like a copy of the anime but I forget the exact words. Ah well, I'm sure they can clarify.

Sakura: So, enjoy the database!

The Bloodtypes

Notes will clarify what the translators/censors have distorted. Common Notes are:

1 = In the manga this character is very different

2 = The character was horribly ruined by the English censors

3 = The webmasters have not seen this series/character (enough)


Character Name (first, last ) Series Notes
Mondo Agake ZZ Gundam 3
Siefer Almasy Final Fantasy VIII
Terry Bogard SNK (KOF) The other legendary wolf. "Ok!"
Locke Cole Final Fantasy VI That's treasure hunter!
Edgar Roni Figaro Final Fantasy VI
Sabin Rene Figaro Final Fantasy VI
Aerith Gainsborough Final Fantasy VII
Seijirou Hiko Kenshin possibly 2 (dub not seen)
Jhun Hoon SNK (KOF)
Sasami Jerai Tenchi Muyo Same for all her alter egos (ie. Pretty Sammy, although the Tenchi universe has terrible continuity)
Gaira Kafuin Samurai Spirits 3
Michiro Kaioh (Neptune) Sailor Moon 1, 2, They aren't cousins
Kaoru Kamiya Kenshin possibly 2
Tou-ya Kinamoto Card Captor Sakura 2, dub = Tori Avalon
Makoto Kino (Jupiter) Sailor Moon 1, 2, Yes that's a guy's name, still competent in manga, in fact more so
Mihoshi Kuramitsu Tenchi Muyo
Shaolan Li (First name has many spellings) Card Captor Sakura 2, dub switched first/last name, has crush on Yukito, nicer in Japanese
Strago Magus Final Fantasy VI
Yashiro Nanakase SNK (KOF) Orochi blood.
Benimaru Nikaido SNK (KOF) Another arrogant one.
Roux Rouka ZZ Gundam 3
Hajime Saitoh Kenshin possibly 2
Ryo Sakazaki SNK (KOF) Son of...
Takuma Sakazaki SNK (KOF)
Hikaru Shidou Rayearth And if the the cat ears didn't give it away her astrological sign is Leo.
Makoto Shi-shi-o Kenshin probably 2
Asuka Langly Soryu Evangelion 3
Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) Sailor Moon 1,2, competent in manga
Chibi Usagi (Guess) Sailor Moon 1,2, not nearly as much of a brat in manga
Shingo Yabuki SNK (KOF) Don't you just wish your school had a master martial artist who would teach you all his moves for a sandwich?
Iori Yagami SNK (KOF) He apparently hates violence, is in a band, and has a girlfriend. Orochi blood.
Barret Wallace Final Fantasy VII
Galford D. Weiler Samurai Spirits
Quatre Raberba Winner Gundam Wing
Jubei Yagyu Samurai Spirits Nice guy, when he's not killing people
Mature SNK (KOF) Orochi blood. Assassin. Part time secretary.
Whip SNK (KOF) Apparently her brother is K'


Ino Abbor ZZ Gundam 3
Andy Bogard SNK (KOF)
Mamoru Chiba (Tuxedo Mask) Sailor Moon 1,2, nicer in Manga
Tomoyo Daidouji Card Captor Sakura 2, 2, 2, dub = Madison, in Japanese sweet, polite, and intelligent, not valley girl
Goro Daimon SNK (KOF)
Cyan Garamonde Final Fantasy VI
Chin Gentsai SNK (KOF) How can you not like drunken Kung fu?
Hanzou Hattori Samurai Spirits
Fuu Houji Rayearth And a round of applause for making my job so much easier.
Gendo Ikari Evangelion 3
Shinji Ikari Evangelion 3
Aeka Jerai Tenchi Muyo
Ralf Jones SNK (KOF)
Kim Kaphwam SNK (KOF) "Evil is unforgivable!"
Misato Katsuragi Evangelion 3
Hamman Khan ZZ Gundam 3
Irvine Kinneas Final Fantasy VIII
Sakura Kinomoto (Avalon) Card Captor Sakura 2, in Japanese nicer and has big crush on Yukito (at start)
Yuffie Kisagari Final Fantasy VII She's loyal to Wutai, not your party
Wolfgang Krauser SNK (KOF)
Basara Kubikiri Samurai Spirits Remember: insanity trumps bloodtyping
Kiyone Makube Tenchi Muyo
Setsuna Meiou (Pluto) Sailor Moon 1,2,3 (all decent info was cut)
Ami Mizuno (Mercury) Sailor Moon 1,2, a little bit less of a workaholic in the manga? (3)
Beecher Oleg ZZ Gundam 3
Relena Peacecraft Gundam Wing
Umi Ruuzaki Rayearth
Quistes Trepe Final Fantasy VIII
Yuri Sakazaki SNK (KOF)
Aoshi Shinamori Kenshin possibly 2
Clark Steel SNK (KOF)
Vincent Valentine Final Fantasy VII
Heero Yue Gundam Wing
Minazuki Zankurou Samurai Spirits Aku
Lao Zabi ZZ Gundam 3
Haamaru Samurai Spirits
King SNK (KOF)
Maxima SNK (KOF)
Raimon SNK (KOF)
Vice SNK (KOF) Orochi blood. Assassin. Part time secratary. Full time psycopath.


Minako Aino (Venus) Sailor Moon 1,2 (need to check manga to find how they messed up)
Ritsuko Akagi Evangelion 3
Relm Arrowny Final Fantasy VI
Athena Asamiya SNK (KOF) Mahou Shojo
Judo Ashita ZZ Gundam 3
Choi Bounge SNK (KOF)
Charlotte Christine Colda Samurai Spirits
Zell Dincht Final Fantasy VIII
Washu Hakubi Tenchi Muyo Not certain about this, but it is very likely
Cid Highwind Final Fantasy VII
Geese Howard SNK (KOF) Also know as "The Immortal Geese." (For good reason, he dies at the end of every game, and still returns for the next.)
Billy Kane SNK (KOF)
Sogetsu Kazama Samurai Spirits 3
Sie Kensou SNK (KOF) Big crush on Athena.
Eiji Kisaragi SNK (KOF) Decendent of Zantesu from Last Blade
Chang Koehan SNK (KOF)
Kyo Kusanagi SNK (KOF) Apparently the "Protector of all Japan." Son of...
Siasyu Kusanagi SNK (KOF)
Tifa Lockheart Final Fantasy VII
Laguna Loire Final Fantasy VIII
Misao Makimachi Kenshin possibly 2
Duo Maxwell Gundam Wing
Yahiko Myoujin Kenshin possibly 2
Sanouske Sagara Kenshin possibly 2, easy to anger
Kyoushirou Senryou Samurai Spirits
Hinako Shidou SNK (KOF) Style: Sumo. You heard me.
Mai Shiranui SNK (KOF)
Megumi Takani Kenshin possibly 2
Haruka Tenou (Uranus) Sailor Moon 1,2 the're not cousins
Selphie Tilmett Final Fantasy VIII unfazable
Kasumi Todoh SNK (KOF)
Gremmi Toto ZZ Gundam 3
Elle Vianno ZZ Gundam 3
Chang Wufei Gundam Wing very easy to anger
Li Xiangfei SNK (KOF)
Gau Final Fantasy VI
Heidern SNK (KOF)
Leona SNK (KOF) Orochi blood
Mr. Big SNK (KOF)
Rimururu Samurai Spirits
Seth SNK (KOF)
Shermi SNK (KOF) Orochi blood.
Vanessa SNK (KOF)


Nakuru Akizuki Card Captor Sakura 2, episodes not released yet, but I trust Nelvana to mess it up terribly
Leina Ashita ZZ Gundam 3
Trowa Barton Gundam Wing perfect fit for AB bloodtyping
Mashima Cello ZZ Gundam 3
Setzer Gabbiani Final Fantasy VI There seems to be a lot we don't know about him. He apparently also likes duels
Robert Garcia SNK (KOF) Dating(?) Yuri
Joe Higashi SNK (KOF)
Shizumaru Hisame Samurai Spirits
Eriol Hiragizawa Card Captor Sakura 2, episodes not released yet, but I trust Nelvana to mess it up terribly
Rei Hino (Mars) Sailor Moon 1,2, more reserved in manga, distrusts men, probably other differences
Chizuru Kagura SNK (KOF)
Kazuki Kazama Samurai Spirits 3
Kenshin Kimura Kenshin possibly 2
Genjuurou Kibagami Samurai Spirits
Squall Lionheart Final Fantasy VIII Strange how Square picks heros with AB blood types.
Blue Mary SNK (KOF) Dating Terry.
Emily Ounce ZZ Gundam 3
Soujiro Seta Kenshin possibly 2, I dread what they'll do to his voice
Ciara Soon ZZ Gundam 3
Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII And mental problems to boot
Ukyou Tachibana Samurai Spirits Anyone who fights only with iai cuts is cool
Hotaru Tomoe (Saturn) Sailor Moon 1,2,3 don't have much info but I trust the track record
Yukito Tsukishiro Card Captor Sakura 2, dub = Julian, didn't see too much of him but his voice is way off.
Chris SNK (KOF) So much with the orochi.
Nakoruru Samurai Spirits
Ryoko Tenchi Muyo Bloodtype is still unconfirmed but I've been convinced. Just watch OVA2.


Rei Ayanami Evangelion 3
Terra Branford Final Fantasy VI 1/2 esper but you think the empire would have some records.
Celes Chere Final Fantasy VI I know it's out there I just can't find it. Probably A though.
Riona Heartly Final Fantasy VIII Square didn't give her a blood type for some reason.
Tenchi Masaki Tenchi Muyo The main character and no bloodtype? Guess no one cares...or it's just not easy to find.
Cait Sith Final Fantasy VII It's a stuffed cat on a stuffed mog. No blood.
Bao SNK (KOF) Strange kid... Has some link with Kensou
K' SNK (KOF) Nests apparently doesn't keep good records on their experiments. Fighting Style: Violence.
Kula SNK (KOF) See K'. Make female. Change attacks to ice.
Lin SNK (KOF) His bloodtype is *poison*. It didn't seem to fit anywhere else.
Mog Final Fantasy VI The given answer was Blackfoot Duck (No I didn't just make that up)
Gogo Final Fantasy VI We don't even know Gogo's gender! He/She/It may not even have blood!
Red XIII (Nanaki) Final Fantasy VII He's a cat. I guess Square didn't want to deal with cat bloodtypes
Shadow Final Fantasy VI He is clouded in the mystery of the ninja... And six has been off the shelves for some time.
Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII Whatever type it was, it's all over the floor now.
Umaro Final Fantasy VI Actually he told us his blood type. Unfortunalty it was Red. I don't think he grasps the concept.