Nora: During our vacation in Montana, due to caffiene withdrawal and an overdose of Gundam Wing we formed some, uh...

Ted: Interesting

Nora: ...interesting ideas.

Ted: And since we had some free time and free web space...

Nora: We set up this webpage.

Ted: Well enjoy.... Oh yes one more thing. The characters we've... invited... over are from Kenshin, Gundam Wing, Card Captor Sakura, and Final Fantasy VII. More anime series may have cameos later.

Nora: And of course we have no rights to any of these characters; they are all copyrighted by their respective owners; and suing us is a waste of time and money.

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July 12, 2002

Surprise! We're not dead!
Hey! Stop booing over there!
Some good news! Several new Okita clones have been added over at the Okita-ya affair (most obscure conspiricy ever... that's how you know I'm onto something). The bad news is I know little to nothing about most of them! Curse you, US anime publishing companies! Hurry up!
In other news, Ted's written up another story full of pure randomness (starring our dear Okita clones), which can be found on the Random Junk page.

Intro/Updates: This section. A rundown of the new stuff we've put up and a good place to sign the guestbook.(hint hint)

Blood Type Database: The ever expanding anime character blood type database. Come see what your favorite anime character's blood type is, add the bloodtypes for your favorite series to the list or find out why anyone cares about this stuff anyway.

Random Junk: Lots of odd stuff, mainly humorous fics, but some other stuff has meandered in there too.

Artwork: The name should give it away. Pictures drawn by Nora of various anime characters. Most are fairly funny and decent art as well.

E-mail us: How to contact/converse with/flame us. Note: the later will be treated as humourous material so don't expect it to have much of an impact

The Okita-ya Affair: A terrible pun I know but a very important place to visit none the less. Trust us.

Who are you guys?: A breif description of us. Not enough to successfully track us down with, though.

Links: I suppose if you've seen everything here we have to give you someplace else to go. These are the best of the lot.

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