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The Wonderfully Strange & Surreal
Animation of Suzan Pitt".

This new anthology includes three of Pitt's masterful short works:
Asparagus (1979, 20 min.)
Joy Street (1995, 24 min.)
El Doctor (2006, 23 min.)

This DVD includes special features:
the half-hour documentary film -"SUZAN PITT: PERSISTENCE OF VISION" (2006, 28 min.) by Blue and Laura Kraning, a gallery of images, and more!
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Here's what the critics say:

"FOUR STARS (Highest Rating)
The title really says it all: Wonderfully strange and surreal, indeed. This is animation with an adult sensibility,and it takes the medium to a whole new level. Bizarre, head-popping,delightful, and utterly one-of-a-kind."
- Todd David Schwartz, CBS

"The complete collection of Suzan Pitt's animation is now available on DVD. This is what the package looks like:
If you're looking for a truly unusual animated experience, you simply have to experience Suzan Pitt. There's absolutely nothing like her films.
Her animation is a visual orgy. The experience of her work is of overwhelming generosity. She strips herself bare and gives her viewers a look directly into her very soul. She is sensuous, erotic, bold, brilliant, bizarre, adventurous, honest, candid and consumed with the creative process. Her life is a dedication to her art. Her art is a lucious ice cream cone dripping with despair, surreality, hope and redemption.
Suzan is remarkable. A purist's purist. Saintly and profane."
- Charles Zembillas, ANIMATION NATION

"Pitt's carefully measured mix of the absurd and the grotesque permeates this ticker tape celebration of her imagination, but it is her fascination with the thin line between the pretty (a meticulously rendered rainforest) and the profane (bloody corpses floating like driftwood) that elevates her work above "adult animation" and into the realm of art. As much as Ralph Bakshi might disagree, his juvenile movies can't hope to approach the subversive, gorgeous, even poetic heights of Pitt's work.
The package includes a 27-minute documentary, "Suzan Pitt: Persistence of Vision," that provides the artist's firsthand account of creating all three works. The intelligent, articulate Pitt recalls the details of her creative process with remarkable clarity. Informative and engaging."

"Dark, twisted, tantalizing, and inspiring. There are many words that can describe the art of Suzan Pitt with her different and skillful style that transfers somewhat difficultly to film, but nevertheless interesting. In this DVD entitled "The Wonderfully Strange and Surreal Animation of Suzan Pitt" compilation we have three animated short films including Asparagus, Joy Street, and El Doctor. Each animated film is interesting for its own individuals reasons. Suzan Pitt’s art is simply amazing that is mostly inspired by many Mexican elements from the dark and eerie side to the brighter hopeful sides of rebirth and renewal."
- Michael P Dougherty II, FULLVUEDRIVE-IN.COM

"Pitt’s work is like a dream. Things exist out of proportion, shapes shift, characters emerge and then disappear. But like any dream, they also exist with a backbone of reality, and in every way celebrate the things that make life such a mixed bag of joy and sorrow. They are amazing works of art, and for any fan of animation or unique cinematic experiences, they are not to be missed."
- Steven Snyder, TimeOut movie critic

DVDs are $24.95 plus $4 shipping
Please contact Suzan Pitt at

Pay with PayPal or credit card
Guaranteed delivery in 7 days