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Tyrone Williams              FAX:    513-745-3065

1341 Tallberry Drive         EMAIL:  Williamt@xavier.edu

Anderson, Ohio 45230     PHONES: 513-226-0023/745-2014

WEBSITE: http://home.earthlink.net/~suspend/

Education:  Ph.D., Wayne State University, May 1990

                   M.A., Wayne State University, December 1983

                   B.A., Wayne State University, December 1977

Dissertation: Open and Closed Forms In 20th Century American Poetics

Master's Thesis: Moly: A Book of Poems              

Teaching Experience: Xavier University, Professor, 2003-

                                    Xavier University, Associate Professor, 1992-2002

                                    Xavier University, Assistant Professor, 1987-1992

                                    Wayne State University, Instructor, 1986-87

                                    Center for Creative Studies, Instructor, 1986-87

                                    Detroit College of Business, Instructor, 1986-87

                                    Xavier University, Instructor, 1983-86

                                    Wayne State University, T.A., 1979-83

Other Teaching

Naropa University, Summer Writing Program, June 26-July 2, 2011

Cincinnati Art Academy (classes on typesetting and creative writing and African American literature, art, blues and jazz)

NEH Summer Seminar for High School Teachers, Otterbein College, Columbus, Ohio, 1995-1997

Sample Courses

Hocus-Locus: Occultation, Placelessness, Ecopoetics, Post-humanist Literature, The Rhetoric of Politics, Major Black Writers, African American Literature, Music & Art, African American Literature, African American Poetry, Letterpress &CreativeWriting, Modern American Fiction, Modern American Poetry, Modern British Literature, World Literature, Modern Literary Theory, Graduate Literary Theory, Creative Writing: Poetry, Literature & the Moral Imagination, Contemporary American Fiction, Contemporary American Poetry, Senior Seminar, Rhetoric



Poetry:     Howell (Atelos Books, 2011)

               The Adventures of Pi (Dos Madres Press, 2011)

               The Hero Project of the Century (The Backwaters Press, 2009)

               On Spec (Omnidawn Publishing, 2008)

               c.c. (Krupskaya Books, 2002)


Co-Editor, Home Words: Writings by Homeless People and those on the edge, Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless, 1993


African American Literature: Revised Edition, 4 Volumes, edited by Tyrone Williams (Salem Press, 2008), 2,064 pp, $404.00

ChapbooksPink Tie (Hooke Press, 2011)

                     Musique Noir (Overhere Press, 2006)

                     Futures, Elections (Dos Madres Press, 2004)

                     AAB (Slack Buddha Press, 2004)

                     Tyrone Williams/Taylor Brady:Segue Reading Series (A Rest  

                     Press, Ltd. Edition, 2003

                     Convalescence (poems), Ridgeway Press, 1987, 2nd printing

                     1989; 3rd printing 1994


Articles:  “Harold Cruse and Black Leftism,” Black Writers and the Left

              (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, forthcoming)

              “A=B=l=a=c=k=W=o=m=a=n Poetics: The Prose  Poetry of Erica

              Hunt,” ON: A Journal of Poetics, 2 (2010), 145-54

              “Melvin Dixon and the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy,” 1913: A

              Journal of Forms, Issue  3 (2009), 196-201

              “Problems and Promises of Actually Existing Cross Cultural Poetics,”

              xcp: cross cultural poetics, 20,161-167

              “’Apparently I am picking fights’: Cultural Studies and Poetics Mix It

              Up In Taylor Brady’s Yesterday’s News,” xcp: cross-cultural

              poetics, 18:2, 66-77

              “Attempting Departures: The New Black Gay Poetry,” 26, 2005,


              "A Story: Afrocentricity; A/Story: Multiculturalism," Two Girls

              Review, Vol. 2, No. 1,1996, unpaginated

              "Which Is To Say," Long News: In The Short Century, #5,

              Winter/Spring 1995

              "Some Issues in Multiculturalism," Diversity:A Multicultural Journal,

              Spring 1994 Vol. 2

              "Eleven Sentences," Long News: In The Short Century, #4, Fall


              "Menage a trois: Afro-Euro-American Literature," Solid Ground,

              Spring 1987

              "Teacher/Autobiography/Architecture," City Quarterly Arts, Winter



Articles:  “Black Empire,” The Thirties in America, ed. Thomas Tandy Lewis

              (Salem Press, 2011), 104

              “Black No More,” The Thirties in America, ed. Thomas Tandy

              Lewis (Salem Press, 2011), 107

              “Edward Hirsch,” Critical Survey of Poetry, Fourth Edition, ed.

              Rosemary E. Canfield Reisman (Salem Press, 2011)

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              Rosemary E. Canfield Reisman (Salem Press, 2011)

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              ed. Rosemary E. Canfield Reisman (Salem Press, 2011)

              “Harryette Mullen,” Critical Survey of Poetry, Fourth Edition, ed.

              Rosemary E. Canfield Reisman (Salem Press, 2011)

              “Paradise,” Masterplots: Fourth Edition (Salem Press, 2010),


              “Juneteenth,” Masterplots: Fourth Edition (Salem Press, 2010),


              “Native Son,” The Forties in America (Salem Press, 2010)

              “Hip-hop and Rap,” The Eighties in America  (Salem Press,

              2008), 465-68.

              “Elizabeth Alexander,” The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American

              Poets and Poetry (Greenwood Press, 2006)

              “David Antin,” The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Poets

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              Press, 1996), pp. 4876-4879

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              Story, Supplement (Salem Press, 1996), pp. 2994-2996

              "The Short Fiction of Henry Dumas," Masterpieces of African-

              American Literature (Salem Press, 1992)

Essays:   “Occupation Everywhere: Poetry and Politics,” Boog City

              Community Newsletter, 73, Fall 2012, pp. 2-3

              “African American Poetry Today,” Catch Up, Spring 2012


              “Globalism and Globalization,” sous les paves, 4 (Summer 2011)

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              Garde Tradition,” Ecolinguistics Newsletter, 1:2 (April 2011), n.p.

              “My Belated CPT—ellipsis, translation, the body,” Poetic Labor

              Project, March 2011 (http://labday2010.blogspot.com/)

              “Genesis: c.c. and On Spec v. The Hero Project of the Century,”

              Evening Will Come, 1:2 (February 2011),


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              Newsletter, 1:1 (January 2011), n.p.

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              “The Human Teacher,” Poets On Teaching (University of Iowa

              Press, 2010), 71-74.

              “What is a Community?“ The Cultural Society:


              “Teaching the Architectonics of the  Metaphysical Poets,” The

              Cultural Society: www.theculturalsociety.org

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              (Summer 2001)

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              Text and Contexts," Eye To The Ground, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1992

              "Improvisation And Literature," The Poetry Project Newsletter,

              April/May 1991


Scholarly Book Reviews: 

Raintaxi Review, 2011; African American Review, 2011; Kaurab, 2009, 2010; Raintaxi Review, 2009, Callaloo, 2008; Galatea Resurrects, 2007; Bird Dog, 2006; Talisman, 2006; Indiana Magazine of History, 2005; Criticism, 2002; Other Voices, 2002; African American Review, 2000; The Bridge, 1998; Chiron Review, 1998; The Denver Quarterly,1994; Gateway Heritage, 1994; Multicultural Review, 1993; The Poetry Project, 1991

Journalism Book Reviews:

The Poetry Project, 1991, 1997; The Detroit Metro Times, 1997-1999

Fiction:  excerpt from I’m Going To The Store, Boo: A Journal of Terrific

            Things, Issue 1 (http://boojournal.wordpress.com/issue-1-contents/)

            excerpt from I’m Going To The Store, Bombay Gin, 35:1 (2009),


            excerpt from I’m Going To The Store, The Cultural Society

            (www.culturalsociety.org),  6/27/08            

Poetry:“IPO: A Sing-Sing along,” Fac-Simile Editions, #31 (Summer 2012)

           “The Vennus Virus,” Omniverse, 17 (Summer 2012),


           “Ensalmo,” “EnsalmoRx,” “Salmo” and “Salmo,” La alteracion del

           silencio (translations of previously published poems, 2010)

           “Constellation,” “Card,” “Dispell’d,” “El Negro,” “Study of a Negro

           Head,” “If Mime then Music . . .” “Cold Calls” and Bar Code

           ["3. Category"], rpt. In Every GoodBye Ain’t Gone: Anthology of

           Innovative Poetry by African Americans, Vol. 2, forthcoming

           “The Viewing,” with + stand, forthcoming

           “Theme for Lot B,” with + stand, forthcoming

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Lectures:  Presenter, Learning from Detroit, Modernist Studies Association

               Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 18-21, 2012

               Presenter, Convergence of Poetics, The State of Poetics, University

               of Washington, Seattle, Washington, September 28, 2012

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               Juneteenth,” American Literature Association Conference, San

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               Programs Conference, Chicago, Illinois, March 3, 2012

               Presenter, “Purloining the Letter: Using the Correspondence of

               Others in Our Prose and Poetry” Associated Writing Programs

               Conference, Chicago, Illinois, March 1, 2012          

               Chair and Presenter, “Gil Scott-Heron’s The ast Holiday and Ralph

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               of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, Feb. 24, 2012

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               Literature Since 1900 Conference, University of Louisville,

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               Study of the Arts of the Present Conference, Pittsburgh, PA,

               October 26-29 2011

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               Association Conference,  Buffalo, New York, October 6-9 2011

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               25, 2011

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               Present, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Knoxville, TN, October 22-25, 2009

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               Language Association Convention, San Francisco, California,

               December 27, 2008

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               Who May Can Speak,” Nonsite Collective (with special guest Pat

               Clifford), San Francisco, CA, June 1, 2008

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               Withers,” Small Press Traffic, San Francisco, CA, May 31, 2008

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               North Carolina, Asheville, March 24, 2008

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               Mullen’s Recyclopedia and Sleeping with the Dictionary,”

               Modern Language Association Convention, Chicago, Illinois,

               December 27-30 2007

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               African American Literature and Culture Society Symposium,

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               University, Hilberry C, Student Center Building, March 30, 2007

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               National Association of African American Studies Conference,

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               It Up In Taylor Brady’s Yesterday’s News, Modern Language

               Association Convention, December 29, 2006

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               Association Convention, December 28, 2006

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               International Conference, University of London, Queen

               Mary, London, England, June 15, 2006

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               Unorthodox Cultural and  Poetic Practices, Miami University,

               OxfordOhio, April 15, 2006

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               Festival, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL, April 5-7, 2006

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               Dissent: An Interdisciplinary Symposium, University of Louisville,

               March 24, 2006

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               Conference, Brown University, Providence, R. I., March 2005

               ”’A-B-l-a-c-k-W-o-m-a-n’: Erica Hunt’s Prose Poetry,” Furious

               Flower: Regenerating The Black Poetic Tradition, James Madison

               University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, September 25, 2004

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               San Francisco, California, July 31, 2004

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               “Pursuance”: Jazz and Literature, DePaul University, Chicago,

               Illinois, May 1, 2004

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               Poetry Festival, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, Sept., 19 2003

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               Of Elizabeth Alexander And Liz Waldner,” 20th Century Literature

               Conference, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, February

               28 2003

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               Civil Rights Movement," University of North Carolina at Asheville,

               February 7 2003

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               Literature Conference, University of Louisville, February, 24, 2000

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               Forum, Xavier University, February 22, 1999

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               Seminar Series, Xavier University, February 1, 1999

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               Language Association, San Francisco, California Dec. 27, 1998

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               Studies Association Conference, Seattle, WA, November 21, 1998

               and Black Writers Conference, Morgan State University, Baltimore,

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               Feb. 19, 1998 and Cincinnati Historical Society, Union Terminal,

               Cincinnati Ohio, December 11, 1996

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               Department of Education), National Council Of Social Studies

               Conference, Chicago, Illinois, November 10, 1995

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               Larsen," Northeast Modern Language Association Conference,

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               Popular Film," Modern Language Association Conference, San

               Diego, California, Dec. 28, 1994

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               Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, October 8, 1994

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               Association Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Dec. 28, 1993

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               and Community," Xavier Faculty Forum, November 25 1991

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               September 28, 1991

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               Institute Of The Arts, Valencia, CA., April 16, 1991

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               Charlotte, N.C., April 4, 1991

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               University, October 1990

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               Accounting Office (Cincinnati), Sheraton Hotel, February 1990

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               American Mind," American Catholic Philosophy Association,

               Thomas More College, November 15 1987

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               panelist, Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, September 1985

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               March 1985

               "Anti-Construction And Difference:JohnsON/BartheS/ BalZac,"

               Wayne State University. March 1983


Readings: Convergence of Poetics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA,

               September, 28, 2012

               Boog City Small Press Festival, Unnamable Books, Brooklyn N.Y.,

               August 4, 2012

               Chapter &Verse Reading Series, Philadelphia, PA, April 28, 2012

               Conversation and Reading with Thom Donovan, Flying Object,

               Hadley, MA, February 12, 2012

               Commentary on The Hole, Poetry at St. Mark’s Church, New

               York, N.Y., February 10, 2012

               Mills College, Mill Hall, Oakland, CA, January 31, 2012

               Small Press Traffic, San Francisco, CA, January 29, 2012

               Omnidawn Publishing Fall Celebration, Poets’ House, Oct 15, 2011

               Woodward Line Series, Scarub Club, Detroit, MI, September 2011

               Naropa University, Performing Arts Center, July 2, 2011

               Cincinnati Public library, April 5, 2011

               FELIX Reading Series (with Dana Ward), University of Wisconsin,

               Madison, Wisconsin, October 28, 2010

               Omnidawn Publishing Fall Celebration, Poets' House, New York,

               N.Y., October 1 2010

               Post-Read Festival, Northside Tavern, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 28,


               Woodward Line Series, Scarab Club, Detroit, MI, April 21, 2010

               St, Marks’ Poetry Project, New York, New York, March 3 2010

               Modern Language Association Convention, December 29, 2009

               Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn, New York, December 4, 2009

               Observable Reading Series, St. Louis Missouri, Sept. 10, 2009

               Salacious Banter, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 6, 2009

               Rabbit Light Reading Series, Chicago, Illinois, September 5, 2009

               Series A, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, Illinois, June 3, 2009

               Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, MI, March 22, 2009

               Walnut Street Poetry Society, Mercantile Library, Cincinnati, Ohio,

               February 11, 2009

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               Rust Belt Books, Buffalo, New York, January 23, 2009

               Visible Voice Books, Cleveland, Ohio, January 22, 2009

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               44: Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, November 3, 2008

               Friday Afternoon Series, Elliston Room, Langsam Library,

               University of Cincinnati, October 31, 2008

               Moe’s Books, Berkeley, California, October 21, 2008

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               David Buuck’s House, Oakland, California, May 30, 2008

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               Miami University, Oxford Ohio, April 3, 2008

               INKtank, Cincinnati, Ohio, March 25, 2008

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               New York, New York, February 1, 2008

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               School at the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, Dec. 28, 2007

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               April 28, 2007

               Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio, March 23, 2007

               The Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA, Dec. 29, 2006

               The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s, New York, N.Y., Nov. 28, 2006

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               University of Louisville, March 23, 2006

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               The Mockbee, Cincinnati, OH, April 30, 2005

               Publico, Cincinnati Ohio, Feb. 13, 2005

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               February 5, 2005

               Poetry at the Zeitgeist, Detroit, Michigan, November 17, 2004

               Southgate House: INKTANK: A Moveable Feast, Newport,

               Kentucky, November 16, 2004

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               Woodside, California

               Friday Afternoon Series, University of Cincinnati, Langstam Library,

               Elliston Poetry Room, May 28, 2004

               INK TANK Poetry Slam, Greenwich Tavern, Cincinnati, Ohio,

               May 22, 2004

               Chidlaw Gallery, Cincinnati Art Academy, March 25 2004

               Holloway Poetry Series, University of California, Berkeley, CA

               March 2, 2004

               A Taste of Art Café/Gallery, New York, New York, Feb. 2, 2004

               Xavier University Gallagher Center, January 19, 2004

               Chicago Poetry Project Reading Series, Harold Washington

               Library, November 1 2003

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               September 20, 2003

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               April 17 2003

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               February 28 2003

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               February 7 2003

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               CA, October 25 2002

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               Hamilton County, Cincinnati Ohio, April 14, 1999

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               Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati Ohio, January 23, 1999

               Center Galleries, Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan,

               December 3, 1998

               Mac's Books, Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 10, 1998

               Tribute to Ronald Johnson (with Norman Finkelstein, Xavier

               University Faculty Lounge, April 30, 1998

               Colloquium Series, Wayne State University, March 4, 1998

               Share Our Strength: Hunger Benefit, Xavier University, Kelley

               Auditorium, Oct. 23, 1997

               Johnson C. Smith College, Biddle Halll, Charlotte, North Carolina,

               April 7, 1997

               Share Our Strength: Hunger Benefit, Xavier University, November

               14, 1996

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               "Night Music," WNKU, 89.7 FM, Northern Kentucky University,

               Highland Heights, KY, September 15, 1996

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               June 19, 1996

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               Feb. 26, 1996

               Broadside Press, Detroit MI, Dec. 17, 1995

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               November 2, 1995

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               May 21 1994

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               October 5, 1993

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               October 26, 1992

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               October 7, 1992

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               April 4 1991

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               University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, February 23 1991

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               Dayton Ohio, February 16 1991

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               University of Cincinnati, Elliston Room, February 20 1990

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               "Scriptus Live," WAIF-FM, December 16 1989

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               July 10 1988

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               February 25 1987

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               25 1987

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               Colloquium Poetry Series, WSU, Detroit, Oct. 1983

               Wayne State University, Student Center Building, Detroit,

               Michigan,  April 1977

Performances:  “Xavier Alma Mater”: lyrics by Tyrone Williams, music by

                       Tom Merrill, “Celebrating 175 Years: Xavier University,”

                       Cintas Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, January 9, 2006

                       “Brer R,” a series of skits performed at the University of

                       California, Berkeley, by the Bay Area Poets Theatre Group,

                       March 2, 2004

                       Three Spiritual Reflections,” written by Nancy Berteaux,

                       Kaleel Skeirik and Tyrone Williams, performed at Bellarmine

                       Chapel, Xavier University, April 5, 2003


Honors:   Artist Residency, Fundacion Valparaiso, Mojacar, Spain,

               June 5-29, 2009

               Wheeler Award (w/Drs. Finkelstein and Fisanick), 2007-08

               Artist Residency, Djerassi Resident Artists Program, December

               7-21, 2007

               Artist Residency, Casa Libre de Solana, Tucson Arizona,

               September 14-October 7 2007

               Artist Residency, The Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito,

               California, June 2007

               2007 Seniority Sabbatical, fall semester, Xavier University

               2006 Ohioana Certificate of Recognition for AAB (Slack Buddha

               Press, 2004)

               2004 James and Suzanne McElwee Fellowship, Djerassi Resident

               Artists Program

               Wheeler Award, Spring 2005, to sponsor poet Frank Walker

               during the Fall 2005 semester

               Finalist, Pavement Saw Chapbook Contest, 2003

               Finalist, First Annual Slopes Edition Poetry Award, 2002

               Committee Member, Celebration of Academics Initiative Award,

               Winter 2001

               Wheeler Award, Winter 2001 (to sponsor four literary readings in


               Wheeler Award, Fall 2000 (to sponsor reading and lecture by poet

               Michael Palmer)

               1999 James and Suzanne McElwee Fellowship, Dejerassi Resident

               Artists Program

               Honoree, Xavier University Senior Appreciation Program (Katie

               DuMont), Winter/Spring 1999

               Resident Artist, Djerassi Resident Artists Program, June 1999-July


               Nomination, Bishop Edward D. Fenwick Teacher of the Year

               Award, 1997

               Finalist, Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry, Sarabande Books,


               Honoree, Xavier University Senior Appreciation Program (Kelli

               Kalberer), Winter/Spring 1996

               Research Sabbatical, Xavier University, for Fall 1996

               National Endowment for the Humanities, Project Consultant,

               "Joining Hands in the Teaching of American Literature," July 1995-

               October 1995

               National Endowment for the Humanities, Facilitator, "Joining Hands

               in the Teaching of American Literature," Otterbein College, June 26-

               December 10, 1994

               Editor's Choice Award, for "Letter From Aspen," National Library

               of Poetry, 1994

               Grand Prize Winner, The Philosopher's Stone Poetry Competition,


               Finalist, National Poetry Series, The Adventures of Pi, 1992

               Aspen Writers Conference Half-Tuition Scholarship, July 1992

               Certificate of Merit, "For M., A Letter Between Letters," Magnolia

               Press Spring Poetry Competition, 1988

               Second Prize, POET HUNT, Schoolcraft College, for "Adventure

               Commences At The Cul-de-Sac," 1987

               Third Prize, Tompkins Award, Second Prize,

               Agnes Breuton Award, WSU, The Skylark's Loud Ascension, 1979

               Poetry Award, Miles Modern Poetry Competition, WSU, Six

               Poems, 1977

               Second Prize, Fourth Year French Division, WSU, for  "Reine de

               Laiterie," 1977

               First Prize, Tompkins Award, WSU, All My Loves' Faces, 1977


University: Chair, Africana Studies, 2009-present

                 Co-director, Gender and Diversity Studies, 2003-2010

                 Faculty Committee (one-semester replacement), Spring 2008,

                 Chair, Xavier University English Department, 2000-2006

                 Member, Dialogue On Black/White Community Building

                 Committee, Celebration Of Academic Excellence Award,


                 Member, Antonio Johnson Scholarship Committee, 2001-2004

                 Member, Association of Xavier Black Faculty, Staff and

                 Administrators, 2001-

                 Member, Dean’s Advisory Council, 2001-2006

                 Member, Women and Minorities Studies Committee, 2001-2003

                 Member, Ad Hoc Academic Visioning Committee, 2001-2002

                 Interviewer, Francis X. Weninger

                 Scholarship, Alter Hall, February 18, 2001

                 Participant, E Pluribus Unum Panel

                 Discussion, Xavier University, May 13, 1998

                 Participant, La fiesta de las palabas, Romero Center, Xavier

                 University, April 23, 1998

                 Participant, Paul Robeson Tribute, Alter Hall B-11, Xavier

                 University, April 23, 1998

                 Speaker, Francis X. Weninger Scholarship, Schott Hall, Xavier

                 University, March 25, 1998

                 Co-Director, Ethics, Religion & Society Workshop, Xavier

                 University, March 18, 1998

                 Member, Faculty Development Committee, 1997-2000

                 Member, Faculty Committee, 1994-1996

                 Advisor, Mermaid Tavern, 1993-2000

                 Advisor, Athenaeum Magazine, 1993-2000

                 Advisor, UNITE, 1992-1995

                 President, AAUP, Xavier University, 1991-1992

                 Chair, Minority Scholars Lecture Committee, 1992-1994

                 Member, Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee, 1990-1993

                 Member, Minority Students Concerns Committee, 1987-1992

                 Participant, Five-On-Five, Office of Minority Affairs (Debora

                 Jones), 1987-1989

                 Member, Cultural Diversity Awards Committee, 1988-1990

                 Participant, Black Freshman Orientation Day, 1988-1990

                 Panelist, "The Absence of Men of Color in Academia," WXVU

                 Teleconference, March 1990

                 Panelist, Student Government Election Debate, March 1990

                 Panelist, "Black Nationalism In America and Africa," Fish Bowl,

                 Tucker Lounge, March 1990

                 Advisor, Black Student Association, 1984-85, 1987-89

                 Panelist, "Racial Harrassment," Faculty Retreat, September 1989

                 Participant, Black Student Visitation Day, 1988-89

                 Office of Recruitment (Celeste Goodloe)

                 Participant, Take-A-Faculty-Member-To-Lunch, Residence Hall,


                 Participant, Faculty/Student Mix, Residence Hall, 1988


Professional:  President, Board of Trustees, INKTank, 2004-10

                     “Responsible Writing: A Workshop,” Burning Word Poetry

                     Festival, Whidbey Island, Washington, April 28, 2007

                     Poetry Workshops, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio,

                     March 22, 2007

                     Teaching Poetry, University of Dayton LitFest, Dayton, Ohio,

                     February 18, 2006

                     Panelist, Creative Writing Seminar, Aronoff Center, October,

                     22, 2005

                     Judge, Corbett-Mayerson Awards, School for the Creative and

                     Performing Arts, Cincinnati, Ohio, May 19, 2005

                     Presenter, INKTank’s Writers Weekend in Cincinnati, Main

                     Library, May 14, 2005

                     Co-Host, INKTANK: A Moveable Feast, Southgate House,

                     Newport, Kentucky November 16, 2004

                     Judge, INK TANK Poetry Slam, Greenwich Tavern, May 22,


                     Steering Committee, INK Tank, 2003-07

                     Critic of the Month, Greater Cincinnati Writers League,

                     November 14, August 8 2003

                     Presenter, “The Language of Racism,” Christ Church Cathedral,

                     318 4th Street, Cincinnati Ohio, November 23 2002

                     Panelist, Creative Writing Seminar, Aronoff Center for the Arts,

                     September 28 2002

                     Critic Of The Month, Greater Cincinnati Writers League, April

                     12 2002

                     Session Chair, 20th Century Literature Conference, University

                     of Louisville, February, 24, 2001

                     Judge, Poetry Slam Competition, Greenwich Tavern, Cincinnati,

                     Ohio, Fall 2000

                     Member, Weston Art Gallery Review Committee, Nov. 6, 2000

                     Session Co-Chair, Modernism Studies Association Conference,

                     University of Pennsylvania, October 14, 2000

                     Outside Screener for Susan Howe, Judge, Academy of

                     American Poets 2000 Walt Whitman Poetry Award

                     Critic Of The Month, Greater Cincinnati Writers League, April

                     14, 2000

                     Creative Writing Judge, 1999 Overture Awards Regional

                     Competition, 1999

                     Critic Of The Month, Greater Cincinnati  Writers League,

                     June 12, 1998

                     Session Chair, 20th Century Literature Conference, University

                     of Louisville, February 28, 1998

                     Creative Writing Judge, 1998 Overture Awards Regional

                     Competition, 1998

                     Critic Of The Month, Greater Cincinnati Writers League,

                     November 14, 1997

                     Speaker, Career Day, Boysville Correctional Center, Saline,

                     MI, October 24, 1997

                     Vice-Chair, Cincinnati Arts Allocation Committee, 1997-2000

                     Panelist, Parenting African-American Children In The '90's,

                     Ursuline Academy, Blue Ash, Ohio, April 12, 1997

                     Panelist, "Is Hiphop Poetry?" Johnson C. Smith College,

                     Charlotte, North Carolina, April 7, 1991

                     Director, Poetry Workshop, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN,

                     February 8, 1997

                     Critic Of The Month, Greater Cincinnati Writers League,

                     November, 1996

                     Critic Of The Month, Greater Cincinnati Writers League,

                     August, 1995

                     Project Consultant, NEH: "Joining Hands," Otterbein College,

                     June 1995-December 1995

                     Facilitator, NEH PROJECT: "Joining Hands" Otterbein College,

                     March 1994-December 1994

                     Critic of the Month, Greater Cincinnati Writers League,

                     August 1994

                     Judge, Dayton Visual Arts Center Writing Fellowships, Dayton,

                     Ohio, Feb. 19, 1994

                     Poetry Judge, Poetry in the Park, Columbus Arts Center, 1994

                     Critic of the Month, Greater Cincinnati Writers League,

                     August 1993

                     Ohio Arts Council, Literature Advisory Panel, March,


                     Session Chair, 20th Century Literature Conference, Louisville,

                     KY February 1993

                     Poetry Judge, Poetry In The Park, Columbus Arts Center,

                     Columbus, OH, 1992

                     Literature Judge, Cultural Art Center of Houston, Houston,

                     TX, 1992

                     Critic of the Month, Greater Cincinnati Writers League,

                     July 1992

                     Critic of the Month, Greater Cincinnati Writers League,

                     June 1991

                     Judge, "Shakespeare '91," Cincinnati Branch of the English-

                     Speaking Union, March 2 1991

                     Poetry Instructor, Urban Initiatives

                     Creative Writers Workshop, University of Cincinnati

                     (Dr. Floyd Ogburn), February, 26, 28, 1991

                     Poetry Instructor, Urban Initiatives

                     Creative Writers Workshop, University of Cincinnati

                     (Dr.Floyd Ogburn), Feb. 3, 17, 1990

                     Critic of the Month, Greater Cincinnati Writers League,

                     October 1989

                     Participant, Western Michigan Writers Conference, May 1989

                     Poetry Judge, Ohio Small Press Fair, October, 1988            


Associations:  Modern Language Association

                      Association of American Professors

References and transcripts are available upon request.