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Mannerisms of Foxes: On Spec


Tyrone Williams | Howell | Atelos | 2011

I love and rely on Williams’s work for its seriousness of purpose—you really remember, reading him, what it means to be challenged not because the text has anxiety about being overly accessible, nor out of some political justification where disjointed language supposedly subverts commercial language, but because the writer is directly knee-deep in difficult problems, aesthetic and social. My sense is that Howell might be better than both On Spec and C.C., and I really wouldn’t have believed that possible.--Brent Cunningham


Tyrone Williams | Howell | Atelos | 2012


Finding it as mysterious as it was completely engaging, I couldn’t put Howell down once I started it. (Really.) “Stakes Is High,” as Tyrone writes, quoting De La Soul.


Laura Moriarty




But I'm here to tell you that you need to read these books. Not only will you see the development of a remarkable writer over a period of time, but you'll eventually come to one of the wildest things I've ever read, "Horse x (shoe/power)," an extended vamp on the situation of pit ponies. I'd never heard of them before either, but, unlike Tyrone Williams, I'd never run across The Pit Pony Sanctuary. This thing is equal parts Plato, Swift (especially Swift, though I said 'equal parts'), Twain, Martin Luther King crossed with Thoreau crossed with Chris Rock. This is a powerful comic meditation that you'll read over and over.

"Get on your pony and ride," we used to sing and dance. "Pony up," I said to the sharp at the card table. "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades . . . and poetry," wrote David Goren long ago. Forget dressage, turn to this Olympian trope and have yourself a read.

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