The "What's in a House?" Educational Program

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"What's in a House" is a popular educational program I designed to be able to be taught anywhere in grades K - 12 (with approriate adjustments in curriculum content.). It's important to take children beyond the stereotype that all "Indians" lived in tipis. The program shows how Native Americans used materials available to create a comfortable and safe living environment. It also looks at the sophisticated social environments in which such things as the Iroquois Longhouse and the West Coast Cedar Houses, both multiple family dwellings, operated. A look at art forms, both fine and utilitarian, in relationship to the architecture is also included in the program.

For free downloadable patterns for a paper Iroquois Longhouse model, a plains indian tipi diorama, several housing styles paper models from prehistoric Ohio, plus a Northwest coast Cedar House visit the teacher's resources page of my website by clicking here. [You will be redirected to this same site on the new larger, faster server.]

List of House Models Shown Below:
Tlingit Cedar House | Iroquois Longhouse | Ft. Ancient House | Lakota Sioux Tipi | Eastern Wigwam
Eskimo Igloo | SW Pueblo

Tlingit Cedar House
Tlingit Two-beamed House
Cedar House Interior
Tlingit Cedar House Interior
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Iroquois Long House
An Iroquois Longhouse
Iroquois Long House Interior
Interior View of Iroquois Longhouse
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Ft. Ancient House
Ft. Ancient House circa 1200 AD
Ft. Ancient House Interior
Interior View of Ft. Ancient House
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Lakota Tipi
Lakota Tipi
Lakota Tipi Interior
Lakota Tipi Interior View
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Eastern Wigwam
font size=2>Eastern Wigwam
 Eastern Wigwam Interior
Eastern Wigwam Interior View
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Pueblo House
Pueblo House
Pueblo House Interior
Interior View of Pueblo House
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Eskimo Igloo
An Eskimo Igloo
Of course this isn't even close to an exhaustive list of architectural styles. The list will expand as time goes on and I build more models.
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Illustrations from worksheet handouts

Pueblo Fort Ancient Igloo

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