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Yoga with Susan Genis
Tripod Headstand

Tripod headstand from prasarita padotanasana (wide-leg standing forward bend).

Try the step-by-step approach to moving into tripod headstand from prasarita padotanasana (standing wide-leg forward bend) shown in the photos below. As you begin, practice near a wall or have a friend stand behind you to assist. Remember to engage your core and build the pose using these Universal Principles of Alignment™:

1. Set your foundation and open to grace - plant all four corners of feet firmly and open to spaciousness inside.
2. Muscular energy - engage the muscles and hug them into the bones, creating strength and stability.
3. Inner Spiral - rotate the thighs inward and move them back and apart to widen the sitting bones.*
4. Outer Spiral - lengthen the tailbone and rotate the legs outward to return the legs to neutral.*
5. Organic energy - extend outward from core through all bones to find full expression of the pose.

*For arms, lengthen the sides of the body from hips to armpits; move upper arm bones back, and bottom tips of the shoulder blades towards each other and into the body.

Step 1.

Step 4.

Step 7.

Step 2.

Step 5.

Step 3.

Step 6.

Step 8.