~ Susan's Award ~

Yea, I know .... ANOTHER AWARD being offered. What can I say?? The main reason I am offering this award is to have the opportunity to visit YOUR page. Thanks for giving me that honor! Like everyone elses award "program", there has to be some rules - ug!! Below are the rules I have made for Susan's Award. Very simple. Thanks again for applying - can't wait to see your pages!!!

1. Send me your name - "Award" for subject would be helpful
2. Send me your email address (guess this will already be on your email, huh?)
3. Send me your URL and the title of your page
4. Link to my page
5. (Optional) Send me something about your page and why you think it deserves my award (This it the worst part)
6. Homepages only - no commercial types
7. NO ADULT THEMES OF ANY KIND (Sorry about the shouting :-/)

Well, folks, I guess that is it ..... probably have left out some "other" rules, but bring new to this, that's all I can think of. Don't put it off ..... email your site today (pleeeze) .... Thanks for all of you that have taken the time to visit.

Click on my mailbox to email me!!! Thanks!!

A VERY, VERY SPECIAL thanks to Mel
for the great job she did on my award.

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