by Paul Brickett

Dave Halligan lead a total of nine Survivors up this mountain, which is south and east of Mono Lake, over the July 4th weekend.  Luckily the weather had cooled from the previous week and temperatures were pleasant. Basecamp was located on a ridge above a spring which meant we didn't have to import water, although the water also provided breeding ground for pesky mosquitoes (virtually represented here).  The second day we hiked up to the (higher) south peak, and also went over to the north peak, the site of a communications building.  The third day we took a different way back to the cars, and although most of us were itching for more, some of us were just itching.

* Plant identifications kindly provided by Mike Faden.  See enlarged picture for genus and species.

Imgp0591 Imgp0593 Imgp0601 Imgp0604
Departure. First piece of obsidian. Water! Paintbrush at water.
Imgp0606 Imgp0608 Imgp0613 Imgp0618
*Ranger's Buttons. *Mariposa Lily. Heading up canyon. Road to camp; Boundary Pk.
Imgp0621 Imgp0632CampSkeeter Imgp0644 Imgp0644b
*Jeffrey pine. Paul M. in mosquito tent. Sunrise from camp. Same picture, brightened.
Camp panorama.
Imgp0672 Imgp0674 Imgp0676 Imgp0678
Kenneth at spring. Road to summit.
Obsidian along trail.
Caption writer needed.
Imgp0681 Imgp0682 Imgp0683 Imgp0684
 *Whitebark pines, trail. Below rock band. Ascending trail. View to North summit.
Imgp0686 Imgp0687 Imgp0688 Imgp0689
South summit. Final summit ridge. First arrivals on summit. Just below summit.
Summit panorama.
Imgp0700 Imgp0704 Imgp0706 Imgp0709
Sunset from camp. Leaving Glass Mountain. Descending back to cars. Mono Lake drive-by.
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