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The Legend of Milt Famey

In his prime Milt Famey was the teams' star pitcher. However, Milt was rather fond of beer. As time went on, his drinking affected his pitching performance more and more. Milt grew bolder and bolder with his beer drinking during the games. The closer the game, the more beer he consumed.

During the final game of the World Series both teams were still scoreless in the bottom of the ninth inning. The Series was tied three games to three. The team's top pitcher left the game with an injured arm. By that point Milt Famey had drunk his way through three cases of beer. There was quite a pile of empties next to him in the dugout. Still the coach had no one else to turn to but, Milt.

Milt slouched his way to the mound. He walked the first two batters. Then showing a bit of his former skill Milt Famey struck out the next two batters. Age and seventy-two beers took their toll and Milt walked the fifth batter. The bases were loaded, a tense hush filled the stadium. Milt struggled but, ended up walking the sixth batter. The man on third strolled home. The seventh batter hit a pop up, which was caught by the shortstop. The opposing team won the game and the Series by one point.

Milt Famey's team sulked out of the stadium. The winners danced and cheered all over the playing field. The winning pitcher spotted the pile of beer cans in the dugout. He pointed it out to his coach and began laughing. But, the coach responded with,

"don't laugh, that's the beer that made Milt Famey walk us."