"In this body...are all the stars and planets...the Sun and the Moon.



The pingala is the daughter of the sun (Jamuna). Here is a force-centre (yoni) in the middle of the Sahasrara; below that is the moon.


In the sinus of the forehead let him contemplate on the ocean of milk; from that place let him meditate on the moon, which is in the Sahasrara.


In the sinus of the forehead there is the nectar-containing moon, having sixteen digits. The Khechari and the Bhuchari powers are acquired by the seeing of the moon which is in the head.



The lotus which is situated in the Brahmarandhra is called Sahasrara (the thousand-petalled). In the space in its centre, dwells the moon. The lotus which is situated in the Muladhar has four petals. In the space between them, dwells the sun.

The venom (sun-fluid of mortality) which flows there continuously in a stream goes to the right nostril, as the moon-fluid of immortality goes to the left.



This milk-ray (moon) is on the left side.  At the bottom of the Meru there is the sun. 


When the air enters the sun, it is the proper time for the Yogi to take his food; when the air enters the moon, he should go to sleep.




All these principal nadis have their mouths downwards. They...represent the sun, moon and fire.




At the time of the rising sun, or by moon, let him steadily fix his gaze on the neck of the shadow he throws; then, after sometime, let him look into the sky.




The Great Void, whose beginning is void, whose middle is void, whose end is void, has the brilliancy of tens of millions of suns, and the coolness of tens of millions of moons.



Meditate on the God of Love...looking like ten million suns and as cool as ten million moons".

- The Siva Samhita



"The brightness of the sun, which lights up the world, the brightness of the moon...  these are my glory.


 I am the radiance in the sun and the moon.

Know too, from me shineth

the gathered glory of the suns

which lighten all the world

from Me the moons draw silvery beams,

and fire fierce loveliness.

I am the silver of the moon, the gold of the sun.


This is my Infinite Being; shall the sun lend it any light–or the moon, or fire? For it shines Self-luminous always.


When the sky is reflected in water, the reflections represent both the sun and the moon and the stars also. The stars can be compared to the living entities and the sun or the moon to the Supreme Lord.


The six months of the northern path of the sun, the path of light, of fire, of day, of the bright fortnight, leads knowers of Brahman to the supreme goal. The six months of the southern path of the sun, the path of smoke, of night, of the dark fortnight, leads other souls to the light of the moon and rebirth.


I see you without  beginning, middle, end—of infinite power, of unnumbered arms, having the sun and moon for eyes... and heating the universe with your radiance.

Another sun gleams there! Another moon!


Where shines neither sun nor moon nor the light of fire, there lies My abode."

- The Bhagavad Gita



"By concentration on the sun the yogi will have knowledge of the seven worlds...By concentration on the moon the yogi will know the position and system of the stars." - The Yoga Sutras



"The sun, moon, and stars are your teachers." - Yogi Bhajan



"In deep meditation aspirants may see...within them more and more light: lightning, sun, or moon." - Shvetashvatara Upanishad



"The Lord meditated and brought forth prana with rayi...prana is the sun; rayi is the moon. As fire, Prana burns, as the sun, he shines...as the moon, he nourishes all." - Prashna Upanishad



"By practicing brahmacharya, one can establish his eminent position in society, like the sun among the moons, planets, and stars.


The sun and the moon uniting symbolizes the duality into unity. And when the sun and the moon unite, the energy moves through shushumna, the central canal of the body. That marks the successful practice of hatha yoga." - Yogi Amrit Desai



"Fire, air, sun, moon, and stars...the sage, contemplating these...discovered that everything is holy." - Taittiriya Upanishad



"Fire is his head, the sun and moon his eyes, the heavens his ears, the scriptures his voice...The Lord of love."


"From him come the scriptures, chants, and prayers...and all things under the sun and moon." - Mundaka Upanishad



"The sun and moon, the Lord created like the suns and moons of previous cycles.


It is the Akasha that becomes the sun, the earth, the moon, the stars, the comets." - Swami Vivekananda



"Within the heart are heaven and earth, the sun, moon, lightning and all the stars." - Chandogya Upanishad



"They take the lunar path who live for sex;

But those who are self-controlled and truthful

Will go to the bright regions of the sun."

- Prashna Upanishad



"In perfect accord with the will of the Imperishable, sun and moon make their orbits; heaven and earth remain in place; moments, hours, days, nights, fortnights, months, and seasons become years."

- Brihadaranyaka Upanishad



"There is no wonder if Indra gives rain, or if that thousand-rayed sun makes the sky undark, or if the moon makes night shiny with his moonshine, so also oh, gentle one, if a true-friend of your kind gladdens his indigent friend, there is no wonder.


Hence, you along with vanaras, whose glow shall be like the moon and sun for they shall be from the progeny of Sun and Moon.


I am the servant of Rama. Wouldst thou... swim the sea with a heavy stone about thy neck? As well mightst thou seek the Sun or Moon as me!


Other monkeys have come from forests, and ...their complexion alone remained as an identity to their habitation, like the stripe of tender sun of some monkeys is marking them from the place of rising sun, moon white body colour of some more telling that they are from the place of nightly moon." - The Ramayana


"When the breaths of ida-moon and pingala-sun course their way unhindered through the spinal channel, your body will be imperishable, and abiding joys shall arise even here in this world below. This is the true way of Siva yoga." - Tirumantiram




"The word hatha is composed of two syllables: ha and tha. Ha stands for the seer, the

Self, the soul (purusa), and for the sun (Surya) and the inbreath {prana). Tha

represents nature (prakrti), consciousness {citta), the moon (chandra) and the

outbreath (apana).  Hatha yoga, therefore, means the union of purusa

with prakrti, consciousness with the soul, the sun with the moon, and prana with apana." - introduction to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika by B.K.S. Iyengar


"Saying this, Sage Vasista rose from his seat. Along with him rose king Dasaratha and the rest of the assembly. It was like the sun rising in the morning with the moon leading the trail.


Its head is the Heaven its feet are the Hells, its body is the earth, its eyes are the sun and the moon.


Then the munis descended onto the assembly spot on the ground in their aeroplanes. Because of the radiance, they looked like stars in the sky. Their faces were effulgent like sun in the firmament. It looked as though a second sun-region and moon-sphere have landed on the earth." - Yoga Vasistha




"There the sun does not shine

nor the moon, nor the stars,

nor does the lightning flash.

What to speak of fire!

Because of Thy Light

All is illumined.

With His Shining

Everything shines".  - Mundaka Upanishad






"He is fire and the sun, he is the moon and the stars, he is the air and the sea." - Svetasvatara Upanishad




"From His mind the moon was born, from His eye the sun was born, from His breath the wind was born." - Rig Veda  




"By day shines the sun; by night the moon; but all day and all night... the Awakened One shines in splendor."


- The Dhammapada




"He whose eightfold form - earth, water, fire, air, ether, sun, moon, and man - manifests...this obeisance is made.


"The man who, upon withdrawal of the senses which resembles an eclipse of the sun or the moon, enters deep sleep and becomes pure Being, but...upon waking remembers to have slept...this obeisance is made." - Dakshinamurti-Stotra



"Put the sun up and bring the moon down. This Viparita-karani mudra is concealed in all the tantras." - The Gheranda Samhita



"Time, in the form of night and day, is made by the sun and the moon. That the Susumna devours this time (death) even, is a great secret." - The Hatha Yoga Pradipika



"The moon and sun unite

within your body when the breath

resides in the meeting place

of the two nadis ida and pingala.


An eclipse of the moon

occurs when the breath reaches

the abode of kundalini

via the channel ida,

and when it follows pingala

in order to reach kundalini,

then there is an eclipse of the sun." - Yoga Darshana Upanishad




"This Maya...naturally arises as heat comes out of fire,

As the rays come out of the Sun

And as the cooling rays come out of the Moon.



Chaitanya cannot be illumined by itself.

So It is Self-luminous; and it illumines Sun, Moon...

As a lamp is self-luminous and illumines other objects." - The Devi Gita



“Ha” and “tha” mean the union of the Sun and the Moon, union of Prana and Apana Vayus. " - The Amarita Gita




"Svara and the sun, moon, soma juice, are the three worlds. Svara is the soul in form". - The Shiva Svarodaya




"We should always consider the position of the isvaras, or those who can actually control the movements of the sun and moon.


Such rains are controlled by demigods like Indra, sun, moon, etc., and they are all servants of the Lord". - Swami A. C. Bhaktivedanta



"At the hour of meditation...the sun, moon, space, time, ether...melted far away into the unknown." - Ramakrishna


"As the moon gets its light from the sun, so the mind reflects the light of the soul." -  Hariharananda



When the nectar that was churned from the ocean was being served to the gods, a demon, disguised as a god, sat between the Sun and the Moon in an attempt to procure the nectar. When he was detected by the Sun and the Moon, Lord Vishnu immediately severed his head from his body. Unfortunately, it was not fast enough, for the demon had already tasted a small quantity of the nectar and had become immortal. Ever since, this demon is said to wreak vengeance on the Sun and Moon whenever they come near. The head of this great demon is known as Rahu and his tail is known as Ketu. Rahu causes eclipses. He rides a chariot pulled by eight black horses, with his mouth wide open, ready to devour the sun or moon. If he succeeds, a solar or lunar eclipse will follow. - a Hindu myth



“Him the sun does not illumine, nor the moon, nor the stars, nor the lightning...He is the one light that gives light to all.” - Katha Upanishad




"The moon is a symbol of the astral worlds in which earthly rebirth is inevitable, but the sun symbolizes those astral regions in which the soul is free of the compulsion to material re-embodiment and can move on to higher levels of existence. "- Swami Nirmalananda Giri




"A number of students have told me how at this point of relaxation they have an experience of light inside the head. I have had this experience too – sometimes as distinctly as a vision of the sun or the moon." - Doug Keller




"Between the conscious and the unconscious, the mind has put up a swing:

all earth creatures, even the supernovas, sway between these two trees,

and it never winds down.

Angels, animals, humans, insects by the million, also the wheeling sun and moon;

ages go by, and it goes on." - Kabir




"The light of the sun, the moon, and the stars shines bright:

The melody of love swells forth, and the rhythm of love's detachment beats the time.

Day and night, the chorus of music fills the heavens; and Kabir says

My Beloved One gleams like the lightning flash in the sky." - Kabir




"The moon shines in my body, but my blind eyes cannot see it:

The moon is within me, and so is the sun.

The unstruck drum of Eternity is sounded within me; but my deaf ears cannot hear it." - Kabir




"Eyes opened, giving rise to sight and sun... from the heart

Came the mind, and from the mind came the moon." -  Aitareya Upanishad




"Fire, air, sun, moon, and stars...   The sage, contemplating these...  discovered that everything is holy." -  Taittiriya Upanishad




"One should merge the sense of...form along with vision, O King, into the sun. One should merge the...mind, along with desires, into the moon." - The Bhagavata Purana




"The qualities of Agni, Surya and Chandra (fire, sun and moon) are the three aspects of Sabda Brahman. The golden Tripura (fire, sun and moon) is termed the ‘Bija’. It is also called the great energy (Param Tejas) which rests on the Muladhara Chakra.  If the breath rises by Ida (moon) at sunrise and flows throughout the day, and Pingala (sun) rises at sunset and flows throughout the night it confers considerable good results." - Sri Swami Sivananda




"In order to help the seeker of liberation in this pitch darkness of various doctrines, I am here in the center of the path holding The Small Burning Lamp of Sun-Moon Yoga." - Swami Kripalvanandaji


"Does the sun fight the moon or does one phase into the other to bring perfect harmony of the universe? " - Kumari Chaya


"They take the lunar path who live for sex;

But those who are self-controlled and truthful

Will go to the bright regions of the sun. - Prashna Upanishad


"In the region of the navel dwells the lonely sun, whose essence is fire; located at the base of the palate is the eternal moon, whose essence is nectar. That which rains down from the downturned mouth of the moon is swallowed by the upturned mouth of the sun."


- Goraksha Shataka


 "The moon and sun were not yet known in the world. That, monks, is the appropriate condition of those beings who are self-luminous, move through space, are made of mind, feed on joy, abide in a state of bliss, and go wherever they wish." - Shakyamuni Buddha, "The Mahavastu"

"The Lord keeps the sun in the sky so everyone can have heat and light and keeps the moon in the sky so everyone can have coolness at night". - Swami Kripalu


"Swatmarama, holding the small radian lamp of sun-moon yoga in his hand, helps us see the truth of yoga more clearly...Kripalvanada, standing by the entrance of the inner sanctum, draws back the veil, revealing the radiant image of truth that illuminates the path of sun-moon yoga". - from the cover of Revealing The Secret - Swami Kripalu

"Those who slander the Guru's Name

Despite their knowing what's been proclaimed

Oh Parvati, they must live in hell

So long as the sun and the moon remain."

 - The Guru Gita