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About This Mystery School

Sunfire, the founder of the Spiritual Explorers' Mystery School has called himself a spiritual explorer for most of his life. He developed his tools of exploration through a vision quest guided by a Lakota shaman, by studying breathwork and erotic spirituality with Joseph Kramer and the Body Electric School, and by studying healing with the Inner Focus School for Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing - earning a certification as an energy healer. You can learn more abut him from his blog.

Recently, his explorations have been influenced by the work of Carl Jung and the tools Jung pioneered: including active imagination, inner dialogue and the use of art in spiritual exploration. He has posted something about this on his blog.

Currently, he lives at Easton Mountain, where he practices energy healing. leads meditations, and gives private and group instruction in healing and erotic spirituality. You can study with him by coming to Easton Mountain for a personal retreat or by working as a volunteer. Contact him for more information.

This mystery school is his response to a need of spiritual explorers to come together and share their paths of exploration. He offers it in the same spirit that he has offered all his other teachings – that of finding others who will become students of Life with him.

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