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I'm Sunfire, and I welcome you to this website.

Creating it has been a part of my spiritual path. It is an invitation to you to consider walking this path with me for a while.

You can also find more about me and the path I walk from my new blog.

Through this site and it's links:
  • you can obtain resources that have been important to me, such as Joseph Kramer's video, Fire on the Mountain
  • you can enroll in some of the workshops that have been milestones on my path, such as those offered by Body Electric.
  • you can try some of the techniques that I've used in my spiritual practice and have taught in my workshops
  • you can learn more about me.
  • you can communicate with me and tell me about your path, what you have found valuable, and what you will be doing.
This site is offered with a prayer that it may be a blessing to you and help you to live a life that will inspire and help others. If you find that this site has helped you, let your friends know about it.