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Please fill out this form completely.  The contact information you give will only be used to get in touch with you about your participation in "Infinite Imagination."

The last three questions are the preparatory exercise for a workshop in imagination.  Completing them will help those attending the June 26-28 program at Easton Mountain.

Full Name
Country where you live
Zip or postal code
Email Address
Phone with area code
What fields of art interest you?
Something about your experience
What program interests you?I am a man signing up for the June 26-28 retreat.
I am a man thinking about attending the June retreat.
I am a woman interested in working with other women.
I can't attend June 26-28 but here's my response to your exercise
Write a sentence or paragraph beginning with the word "Contemplate."
Write a sentence or paragraph beginning with the word "Visualize."
Write a sentence of paragraph beginning with the word "Express."

Here are two possible examples of responses to the last three questions above:
  1. Contemplate a place you enjoyed visiting as a child.
  2. Visualize what it would be like to return to this place. See the place in your imagination.
  3. Express how you would feel if you could go back to this favorite spot.

  1. Contemplate a fictional character that you find exciting. This could be someone from a novel, a short story, a movie, a stage play or a TV show.
  2. Visualize making love to this person. What would you say? What would this person say? What would you both do?
  3. Express how this fantasy makes you feel.

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