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Thought-Form Clearing removes discordant energy slowly, but it is thorough. It is a process that requires commitment, as it should be done daily for several years. It is based on procedures reportedly introduced by a Tibetan master, Dwal Khul, who gave instruction through Alice A. Bailey. While this practice may have been used and taught by her followers. it is not found in any of her books. It was first written down and published in 1988 by the Triune Foundation. The book is entitled The Rainbow Bridge, and the authorship is simply given as, “By Two Disciples.”

The authors make a point of noting the following: “As we have emphasized, one of the strong injunctions given by Dwal Khul was that students must modify, qualify and adapt His teachings to suit time, place and circumstance, indicating that what He had given was to be the foundation, outline and basis for such modifications.”

Like all process in this website and in my blog, it is done under the direction of your Higher Self. If you make any changes to the practice, they should be directed by your Higher Self.

Here I’m presenting the process with the modifications that I have been led to make. If you’re seriously considering doing the process, it would be best to get a copy of The Rainbow Bridge and see how it was originally presented. Then allow your Higher Self to show you what to do.

As far as I know, the book is now out of print, though there is an Italian translation on line. For an English version, try used bookstores with a metaphysical theme.

The Rainbow Bridge will give you more of the theory behind Thought-form Clearing, though for a full exposition of theory the Two Disciples refer the reader to the rather convoluted and difficult works (to my way of thinking) of Alice A. Bailey

The Soul Mantra

I have said that all spiritual practice is under the direction of the Soul, or Higher Self. Thought-form Clearing takes an additional step of consciously invoking the Soul.through a mantram given by Dwal Khul

I am the Soul.
I am the Light Divine.
I am Love.
I am Will
I am Fixed Design.

The meaning of these statements is self evident except for the last, which refers to the idea that each individual in born with certain lessons to learn and tasks to fulfill. The psychologist, Tom Yeomans has reflected this idea when he referred to the soul (in an unpublished, privately circulated manuscript) as “the organizing principle of a lifetime.”

To use this mantram, visualize your soul-star, which is a pure star of energy about six inches above your head. As you speak the words, preferably out loud, imagine a voice from your soul star saying them with you.

This mantram should be used at the beginning of every session of Thought-form Clearing. Because I do Thought-form Clearing first thing in the morning, I like to wake up my body by doing the physical actions for awakening the chakras before I start my clearing session. If you know hatha yoga or chi gong, you could use those exercises to wake up your body before you start Thought-form Clearing. I do my exercises naked, though this is not part of the instructions in The Rainbow Bridge.

The Spiral Vortex

The processes of Thought-form Clearing loosen up a lot of discordant energies in the field. Final removal of those energies is done by a vortex or funnel-shaped cone of energy sent by your soul in response to your intention. I like to create this vortex while standing, but it could be created while sitting down.

Begin by raising your left hand above your head. Move your arm in a circle so that your hand goes from left to right in front and then around from right to left in back. Your hand will move in a clockwise direction when viewed from above. Make about seven circles, and as you do, visualize a funnel of energy, looking something like a tornado, with its point at your crown chakra. Let your hand drop and as you do begin to feel the vortex slowly sinking and enveloping your body. Let your body move in any way it wants to move. If you feel like making sounds, do so.

Continue visualizing the vortex slowly falling. If it seems to get stuck at any point, visualize white light coming through your crown chakra to push it down. Finally, visualize it moving into the chakra we call the earth star (between your feet). The earth star sends the vortex deep into the earth, where it disappears.

Use your right arm and hand to help you create another vortex, remembering that the hand still moves in a clockwise direction when viewed from above. Let that vortex pass through your body.

Create a third vortex without using your hand or arm to help your visualization. Again, let that vortex pass through your body.

Depending on the phase of thought-form clearing you are doing, you will repeat the three steps of this vortex cleans for anywhere from five to seven minutes. At the end of the cleans, ask your Higher Self if your cleansing is complete for now, and look for a yes-or-no signal.

Often I use the motions for awakening the chakras along with the vortex cleans. I begin by creating a vortex with the aid of my left arm. I follow this with a vortex created with the aid of my right arm. Then I repeat the motion for awakening the third eye (raising the eyebrows as I inhale and lowering them as I exhale), but repeating it only seven times. The next vortex I create and all subsequent vortexes are done without using the arms to aid their creation. Following this vortex I gently roll my head around to the right seven times, with one breath on each roll. This is followed by a vortex, and then the motion of rolling the head to the left, and another vortex. In this manner, I do the motions for all of the chakras, repeating each one only seven times. I end with the motions for the crown chakra. Then I ask my Higher Self if my cleansing is complete for now. If I get a “no” signal, I visualize another vortex and ask again.

Thought-form Clearing - Phase One

The goal of the first two phases of Thought-form Clearing is widening the passage connecting the chakras. In most individuals, this passage is only the diameter of a thread. During the first two phases of Thought-Form clearing, it will gradually widen to at least an inch in diameter. It is then wide enough to handle to discordant energies that will be released during Phase Three.

The practice of Phase One may be done seated or standing. I prefer to stand. Begin your practice with the Soul Mantram, as given above. Then visualize your soul-star about six inches above your head as you inhale. As you exhale, draw it down on a diagonal until it is in front of your third eye. On your next inhalation, draw it into your third eye. Then as you exhale, allow it to slowly rise to its original position. Repeat this two or three more times. Then use the vortex cleans for about five minutes (or one complete cleans with the motions for the chakras). Repeat this practice once a day for two weeks.

At the start of the third week, add the throat chakra to your practice. This means you will first draw down the soul star until it is in front of your third eye, draw it into your third eye, and allow it to rise up to its original position. After repeating this two or three more times, you will draw your soul star down on a diagonal until it is in front of your throat chakra as you exhale, draw it into your third eye as you inhale, and as you exhale allow it to begin to rise. Continue to breathe as it rises up to its original position. After repeating this motion of the soul star through the throat chakra two or three more times, do the vortex cleans.

At the start of the fifth week, add the heart chakra. This means drawing the soul-star down to the third eye, then the throat chakra, then the heart chakra. At the start of the sixth week, add the power chakra. Add the sexual chakra at the start of the seventh week; the root chakra at the eighth week, the chakras in the knees at the ninth week, the chakras in the souls of the feet at the tenth week, and the earth star at the eleventh week. At this point you’ll be working with nine triangles. The central channel will have been created and anchored in the earth.

These instruction are being posted on January 28, 2009. In ten weeks (around April 7) I’ll post the instructions for the second phase. Those who start this procedure in the next few days will be just about ready for phase two at that time.