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The Energy Healing Cabin at Easton
First used in the summer of 2005

What Is Energy Healing?

The energy fields that surround your body often contain discordant energies from past traumas. These energies may have been put in place by your subconscious mind to help prevent further trauma, but they operate with a low level of understanding and may no longer serve you. They can impinge on your body - causing pain, making your body vulnerable to disease, and hindering your body's natural healing abilities.

Helping you release these unwanted energies is the work of an energy healer. An energy healer assists you in becoming aware of these energies so that, through your awareness, you can release them and free yourself from unwanted suffering. He consciously directs your healing process while, at the same time, giving you the power to heal yourself.

Energy healing is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment. When there is disease in the body, conventional medicine may be necessary to treat that disease. Energy healing then helps to speed healing and restore health by helping you release the energies of both old traumas that may have contributed to the disease and the traumas of surgery and other conventional treatment. Energy healing is thus a complement to standard medical treatment, not a substitute for it.

What Are The Benefits of Energy Healing?

The benefits of energy healing may be summarized in three words:
  • Awareness
  • Understanding
  • Fulfillment
As you become aware of the energies operating in your field and impinging on your body, and as you become aware of how your soul moves to clear those energies, your understanding of your life's purpose increases. You begin to live the life that you were meant to live. You fulfill your purpose for living and know the joy of that fulfillment.

AlixSandra Parness, founder and director of the Inner Focus School for Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing, has summarized the benefits this way:
  • "Your conscious awareness continually expands.

  • "You learn to love yourself and accept yourself just the way you are.

  • "You learn to hold a vision of wholeness for yourself and others. The vision that says 'Yes! I am ascending in my healing. Yes! I too can be enlightened, and so can we all.'

  • "You come to peace with yourself. life's challenges become things of beauty as you recognize their positive intent.

  • "You come into the experience of Truth."

Is Energy Healing a Kind of Religion?

Energy healing has a spiritual basis, but it works with people of all religious persuasions. An energy healer doesn't tell you what to believe, but works with the beliefs you already have to help you access your Higher Consciousness and its healing potential.

What Are the Processes of Energy Healing?

The Awareness Release Technique (A.R.T.)

This process allows you to identify energy patterns that manifest in your physical body and in your energy fields. It then uses conscious awareness, which is a quality of the soul, to allow core issues to release and reveal their deep lessons.

The Inner Focus Goodness Process

This process uses Divine Paradox to release conscious or subconscious beliefs that you are inherently bad, sinful, or unworthy. By allowing Divine Paradox to show you your shadow self, it then must also show you your Divine Goodness. Through mudras that awaken the cellular memory of goodness within your body, you are taken to the place of knowing the truth of the goodness that has always been within you.


This process allows deeply held energy patterns to safely manifest and release through the movements of the physical body.

Energetic Dialogue

This process engages an energy pattern through body-centered dialogue. Your healer helps you find an energy and encourages it to tell you why it thinks it needs to stay, where it is, and what it is protecting. After the story is out, you connect the energy with your Higher Consciousness and your Soul, giving it a way to release and evolve.

Radiatory Healing

This process brings healing energy from heaven and earth into your body. Your Higher Self and Soul than use this energy to bring about healing in your body and in your fields. Radiatory healing is done either through the laying on of hands or without your healer touching you.

Magnetic Healing

This process is a heart-centered healing. The healer - through his conscious connection with his Higher Self and Soul and with your Higher Self and Soul - moves energy so that it comes into a new pattern of health and balance.

Instruction in Thought-Form Clearing

This process removes all discordant energies from your field. It is a process that you can do yourself, but it is not something that can be accomplished with a healer in a few sessions. It requires at least eighteen months of daily practice. If you are interested in this form of healing, you can receive introductory sessions and have follow-up sessions as your continue your practice.

How You Can Experience Energy Healing

Sunfire, the resident energy healer at Easton Mountain Retreat, is certified as an Advanced Energy Healer by the Inner Focus School for Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing. He also has extensive training from the Body Electric School, including diplomas in massage therapy, rebirthing, and sacred intimacy. He has studied meditation, journaling, and A Course in Miracles, and has led workshops that combine spirituality with body work since 1988. Thus, he brings to his healing work a lifetime of experience as a spiritual explorer.

If you are attending a program at Easton Mountain during one of the periods when Sunfire is in residence, you may have a session with him for an additional fee of $85. The session will run for an hour and fifteen minutes. You can register at the desk on the lower level of the main lodge.

It is also possible, by prior arrangement, to schedule a three-day healing intensive with Sunfire. You will have five sessions with him and an optional massage session with the resident EMR massage therapist. In addition you will have time for rest and relaxation and will be able to be part of daily yoga and meditation sessions when offered. The cost of a healing intensive is $550 and includes lodging and meals. Healing intensives are usually scheduled for a period from Sunday evening through Wednesday afternoon or Monday evening through Thursday afternoon, but may be scheduled over a weekend if space is available. Use the following form for more information.

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