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This is an ancient technique of meditation that involves conscious breathing. If you have privacy, start by doing either Level I or Level II of the work meditation as you remove your clothes. Then sit either crosslegged on a cushion or in a comfortable chair with a straight back. Let your awareness come to your breath. You may either watch the rise and fall of your abdomen, or watch the breath going in and out of your nose. When distracting thoughts come, note them and gently bring your awareness back to your breath. You might mentally say the word "thinking" every time this happens.

At the start, fifteen to twenty minutes is a good length of time for this meditation. An electronic timer is helpful. They can be bought in the kitchen section of many department stores - but be sure to get the electronic kind, not the mechanical kind, which makes a ticking sound.

When you have completed your meditation, use the work meditaiton to dress. See if it's easier to do the work meditation after the quiet meditaiton.