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These exercises use the rebirthing breath taught in the Body Electric workshops. It is a rather rapid, shallow breath with a strong inhalation and a relaxed exhalation. If you forcibly expel the air, you create anxiety through hyperventilation. You should feel that you are actively breathing in and passively breathing out. The exercises for the sexual and root chakras are best done naked, while the others may be done wearing loose clothing.

Third eye

For the third eye, take forty-nine rebirthing breaths. On each inhalation, raise your eyebrows quickly, opening your eyes as wide as possible. On each exhalation, let your eyes and eyebrows return to normal. Now close your eyes and take three deep breaths visualizing the air going into the forehead. I call these "directed breaths."

Throat chakra

For the throat chakra, do seven head rolls. (Drop the head forward, roll it to the left side, then back, then to the right side, then forward to complete one roll. Keep your neck long as you drop your head back.) Do seven rebirthing breaths with each head roll for a total of forty-nine breaths. Then take three directed breaths into the throat. Now do seven head rolls in the opposite direction with the same rebirthing breath. Again, three directed breaths into the throat.

Heart chakra

For the heart chakra, stretch your arms out to the sides, palms up, hands slightly above and in front of the line of the shoulders. Take forty-nine rebirthing breaths and with each breath, keeping your arms straight, move them so that your fingertips trace a circle about the size of a dinner plate. They should move up in back and down in front as they make the circle. When finished, bring your hands to your sides and take three directed breaths into the chest. Now forty-nine more rebirthing breaths as you circle your arms in the reverse direction, up in front and down in back. Again, three directed breaths into the chest.

Power chakra

For the power chakra, take forty-nine more rebirthing breaths. With each inhalation pull in your belly sharply. Next take three directed breaths into the power chakra point (just below the navel).

Sexual chakra

For the sexual chakra, take forty-nine rebirthing breaths that are done more rapidly than before. With each inhalation thrust the bottom of your pelvis forward as you squeeze the muscles around the perineum (the muscles you would use if you had been urinating and wanted to stop the flow). With each exhalation rock your pelvis back and relax the muscles around the perineum. Now take three directed breaths into the sexual chakra point (just above the sex organs). Next, with a slower breath, rock your pelvis back as you breathe in and contract the muscles around the perineum. Then relax as you exhale and let the pelvis rock forward. Do this forty-nine times. Take three directed breaths into the sexual chakra point.

Root chakra

For the root chakra, stand with your feet about as wide apart as you can comfortably place them. Rotate your hips forward, to the right, back, to the left and forward again forty-nine times, taking a somewhat slower rebirthing breath with each rotation. When finished, take three directed breaths into the root chakra point (the spot in the crotch between the sex organs and the anus). Now take forty-nine more rebirthing breaths rotating the hips in the opposite direction. Again three directed breaths into the root chakra point.

Crown chakra

For the crown chakra, seven directed breaths into the crown chakra (a few inches above your head), raising the arms on each inhalation and feeling energy rise from the root to the crown.

The above exercises prepare your chakras to receive energy from your sexual chakra. They may be used before any sexual activity and will help you sustain erotic stimulation, without ejaculation, for a long period.