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Bio info


SUMI borned at Osaka Japan in 1963. She learned sewing and other needlework techniques from her grandmother when she was a child in Japan. Her artwork is all hand sewn. Each fabric has a beautiful design and color. When used in the right way, its beauty stands out. Old kimonos and abandoned fabric are transformed into beautiful artwork.

Shows in the US: Riverside Art Museum, Pacific Asia Museum, Brenart Gallery, San Bernadino Valley College, Aiko Institute, Cuttress Gallery, The Main Street Gallery in Pomona, Bunny Gunner, Claremont Forum Gallery, Descanso Gardens, Claremont Community Foundation, Claremont Public Library, Cal State University at Long Beach, Santa Clara Convention Center, Ontario Convention Center, LA County Fairplex, Claremont Colleges, Folk Music Center Museum, The Main Street Gallery in NY, Chaffey Community Museum of Art, Inland Empire Museum of Art, Square I Gallery .....and others.
In Japan:Gallery Sobaya Ai, Osaka Gallery SOU, Tokyo Union Theological Seminary,

Museum collections: Inland Empire Museum of Art,
Private collections: George & Roylene Cuttress, California,  Fr.Bill Moore SS.CC., California, 
Barry & Mari McGuire, California,
Bob & Kristina Kelly, Sweden,
Corporation collections: