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*Sue-Tone Graphics offers to build your Web Site for only a one time charge of $50.00 dollars up to six pages! It is a great deal for any one who wants a Web Page done; Personal Web Page, Small Business Web Page, Hobby Web Page and Health Related Web Page. You can have anything you always wanted to share on the Internet and this becomes Your Very Own Web Site!*

*Please Note:* You need web space from an internet provider to set up your web site. Also there are web sites that offer free web pages too. I will help you to get a free web site if your internet provider does not offer one.


Sue~Tone Graphics is now offering affordable web page designing. This includes updating and setup for Personal, Small Business and Home Based Businesses. Beautiful pages designed to your taste using Graphics, Animation, Backgrounds and Music Midi Files.Moving Music Bar0

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You tell me what type of web site you have in mind and I will build it to your satisfaction. You can have your own Images or Photos put on your Web Page. Scanning services are available to you if you want to use Graphics or Pictures of your own. I will Scan it for you at No extra charge.

I will only do a User Friendly Web Page. NO illicit subject matter allowed.

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You also get on your Web Page:
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Design Package Includes: Up to six web pages the total cost will be $50.00. Any extra pages you want to add over the six pages will cost $3.00 for each extra page. You also get Four months of free updating of your site. After 4 months if it is not another page added to your web site there will be no cost to you. For new web page(s) added on after four months it will cost $3-$5 dollars depending on how many new pages needs to be added. When you are ready I will tell you how to update and take over your web page.

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Color MonitorSue~Tone Graphics Offers Affordable Web Page Designing! For Only $50.00
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Check out the New Client Web Page I just completed!
Wayne's TypeMagick For Great Typesetting Jobs!

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I also designed A Web Page promoting a book
about a 1930's crooner, "Russ Columbo:
The Amazing Life and Mysterious Death of A
Hollywood Singing Legend," written
by Lou Miano for a publisher
called Silver Tone Publications.
Visit His Web Page!

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E-mailSue~Tone Graphics for more information to get your web page started!


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