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Beautiful Greeting and Note Cards make Wonderful Gifts for the Family, Friends, Business Associates. It is also a great way to Brighten Someone's Day or Keep in Touch with Friends.

Assorted Holiday Set of 10 (5 x 7) cards with envelopes.
The Sets can be the Same or a Mix Set that includes any of the cards listed below.
The Designer Card Sets Sell for $3.49 each or 2 for $5.00.

*Please note: *Holy Mother Note Cards Are $2.00 A Package of 8*

Bear Christmas
Cats Christmas Tree
Christmas Dog
Happy Hanukkah
Dog, Cat & Mouse(Not Available)
Cats On Hat
(Not Available)
Blessed Mother Note Card

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Visit the Holiday Card Gallery
To see Note Cards and Friendship Cards go to: Assortment Card Page

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Holiday Cards

Christmas Dog

Happy Holiday Artist

Christmas Dog

Outside: Happy Holidays

Inside: Warmest Wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a bright and happy New Year!

Happy Holiday Artist

Inside: Warmest Wishes for a Bright Holiday Season filled with Peace, Love and Joy the Whole Year Through!

Cats on Hat Christmas

Dog, Cat & Mouse Holiday

Cats On Hat

Outside: It's the Holiday Season Again That Purr-Fect Time of the year!

Inside: Have a Purr-fectly Merry Christmas and a New Year That's Happy, Peaceful and Bright!

Dog, Cat and Mouse

Outside: It's That Special Time of Year that Brings Good Will and Cheer

Inside: Have a Very Happy Holiday and a New Year That's Peaceful, Loving and Bright!

Christmas Bear

Happy Hanukkah Cat

Bear Christmas Card

Have a Merry Little Christmas and a
New Year that's Wonderful and Bright!

Hanukkah Cat

Wishing You A Happy Hanukkah Filled With The Warm Glow Of Peace, Love And Joy The Whole Year Through.

Cat's Christmas Tree

Have a PURR-FECTLY Merry Christmas May all your New Year Dreams come true.


Send To Someone Special All Year Round.

Blessed Mother Mary
Blessed Mother Mary Blank Note Card


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