Poems For My Mom & Other Coma Patients
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Updated 12-3-2000
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Cute Little Angel"MOM I PRAY YOU CAN HEAR ME" Jewish Star

Mom I pray you can hear me!
Because I want you back
With all your brain waves back on track

I love you more than you will ever know
I want to give you a great big hug to show you so

You have to wake up from your coma
So open those beautiful eyes and look around the room
To see all the people who love you are rooting for you
And want to see you fully alive
Please Dear God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and Blessed Mother Mary
I pray that my Mother Jenett Spector wakes up from her coma
Fully healed, active and alive
I promise to take care of her
And help get her settled in a happy place
That will help her to live a full healthy spiritual life

RosePlease I pray for a Miracle
That my Mom and other Coma Patients
Will wake up soon, and become totally alive
With no brain damage to complicate their lives!
© 1999 by Susan Spector-Miano

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Mom I know you heard me
You came back enough to say my name
You told me you loved me
You gave me that loving smile of yours

I knew in the end that my mom would either wake up
Totally alive with no brain damage to complicate her life
I also knew when it became time to revive her
I know it was up to God to decide
My mom was very sick in the end
she went peacefully in her sleep
Right up to God's loving arms

My mom left a legacy that will help other
Coma Patients and their Families to cope
Keeping their hopes alive to keep on fighting
for their loved ones with all their might

Please Dear God I pray for a Miracle that other Coma Patients
Will wake up soon, and become totally alive with
No brain damage to complicate their lives!
© 2000 By Susan Spector-Miano

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New!Dove"ALL MY NEEDS ARE MET NOW!!"Cute Little Angel
Say This Prayer Every Day!

Expect a Miracle, NOW!
Lord Jesus, by faith I turn to you now!
I ask you to give me the joy and peace of knowing you.
I want you to come into my life and be my Lord and Savior.

I ask you to deliver me from the things of this world
That stand between you and me. I need you, Lord Jesus.
Fill me with your Holy Spirit that I may
Live my life as a child of God.

I want to be free of Sin, free of the
Attacks of Satan and free of Sickness.
Come Lord Jesus, be my Lord and Savior.
© Written by Ms. Josephine Davis.

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Cute Little Angel
"Waiting For A Loved One"

This prayer is to Our Lord in Heaven above
Please be with us,and help us
To have the Wisdom and Patience to wait,

And help with all aspects
Of our Coma Patient's
Recovery Process Dear Lord
With Your Guidance and Love.
© 1999 by Susan Spector-Miano

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Angel Praying

"God's Healing Love"

This prayer is for all the Coma Patients
That have awakened from their Coma
Trying to function and get on with their lives:

We pray to Our Lord in Heaven Above
That each one of you will be able
To fully function to your best abilities
With the Lord's
Guidance and Healing Love
© 1999 by Susan Spector-Miano

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"God's Loving Arms"

For all the beloved Coma Patients that have passed on
They have been welcomed Into God's Loving Arms

Their beautiful loving spirit will always be a part of us
In our memories and forever in our hearts.
© 1999 by Susan Spector-Miano

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Above Poems copyright
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©Other Prayer Poem by:
Ms. Josephine Davis.

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